7 Tips To A Healthier Life

A healthy life is much more than a life free from diseases, it has so much more to do with being happy, content and optimistic about every area if your life. Contrary to what many people think, a healthy life is a personal decision. This is because you make decisions to what to do, when to do it and how to do it. You are also responsible when it comes to how you choose to react to different situations in life. For instance, if you are not very positive in handling a breakup, divorce or separation, then you could end up picking bad habits or slip into depression and this will drastically affect your health.

Healthy living is all about taking control of your life and finding a balance with every important aspect of life. There are so many things you can do, change or drop to achieve a healthier more fulfilling life.

  1. Watch out what you eat. You are what you eat and if you not very keen on a healthy balanced diet, then you will see the results in your fitness and health levels.
  2. Plan out your days carefully so you are able to address all important tasks and chores. The more you can achieve in a day, the closer you will get to your personal goals and the less time you will have to engage in behaviors that are not that healthy.
  3. Create an exercise regime that you can easily keep up with and one that will yield good results to your health. If you can afford a gym membership then good, but if you can’t and do not have the time, simple and fun activities will work just as great. They include swimming, running, walking and riding.
  4. Engage with positive minded people who share the same values as you. When you remain in good company, then you definitely will have the motivation to keep going and to maintain focus on the goals that you have. It is very hard to engage in negative habits when you have positive people around you.
  5. Choose organic fresh foods whenever you can and ensure that vegetables and fruits make larger portions throughout the day. It is a simple way of ensuring that your body is well supplied with all essential minerals and vitamins to keep bodily functions in check thus boosting your health.
  6. Always strive to get natural remedies when treating or handling a health issue. There are so many safe and effective natural products and simple home remedies that can kick your health back into shape. You will have no side effects to worry about when you select the best health and beauty products.
  7. Deal with situations as soon as they arise and settle them so they do not end up escalating to health issues. You simply cannot afford to feel depressed or to be stressed out when you are reaching for a healthier life. It also helps to remain positive even in the most negative situation.

What you do, what you say, what you think and what you believe in can all affect how healthy your life is. Make all possible changes to enjoy healthy living.

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Deodorize Your Shoes With This Simple Lavender Essential Oil Recipe

Smelly shoes and feet are quite an embarrassment. When you have this issue, it becomes very hard for you to fit in especially in areas where you need to remove your shoes. Your home will also become unbearable for others every time you remove your shoes and you might need to leave them and your socks outside to give everyone peace. There are so many reasons behind smelly shoes and some of the most obvious are poor cleaning care for the shoes and wearing the same pair of shoes over and over.

With this said, there are simple remedies to keep your shoes smelling fresh such as alternating between several pairs in a week and ensuring that your shoes remain dry and air out whenever it is possible. You also should wear clean socks and keep your feet dry and clean when wearing your shoes to enjoy better results. But for those people who have to wear the same shoe day in a day out and are already suffering from shoe odor, a simple homemade shoe deodorizing powder can rescue you from the embarrassing situation.

Lavender is one of the most commonly used essential oil and in this case it is the preferred essential oil of use. It has properties that fight the root cause of the odor and the pleasant scent of the oil makes it an even better remedy for the situation. Used together with other suitable ingredients, you will love what the lavender shoe deodorizer will do for you.


In a bowl, mix 4 tablespoons of non-GMO cornstarch and 4 tablespoons of baking soda.

After mixing properly, gradually start adding 6 drops of lavender essential oil and stir to incorporate the oil.

Put in a powder sifter container that is airtight for use later or immediately.

Directions of use

Now that you have your shoe deodorizing powder ready, your next step is to start using it to eliminate the unpleasant odors you have been dealing with.

Sprinkle a reasonable amount of the powder lightly into your shoes preferably in the evenings or during those times that you are not wearing the shoes for several hours.

When it is time to wear your shoes, take them outside and carefully turn them upside down and tap the soles gently to remove the powder from the interior parts of the shoes.

If your shoes have outer surfaces that are sensitive and fragile, be careful not to get the powder onto the surfaces when putting or removing the powder from your shoes. The essential oils are potent and could be harmful to certain surfaces.

Use the powder on a regular basis to naturally deodorize shoes that seem to have the odor issue. You should see a gradual change with the shoe odor, giving you confidence even when you are in situations where you are required to remove your shoes, especially in public. It is one of the simplest and most beneficial fixes for unpleasant shoe odors experienced by many.


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8 Powerful Essential Oils To Help With Dry Chapped Lips

Beautiful soft lips are what most people yearn for but sometimes it can be hard to have and maintain the beautiful lips because of a number of factors. The dry lips can be as a result of weather conditions, medications, dehydration and even medical conditions among others. Chapped dry lips can actually be painful and even though there are very many beauty products designed to moisturize, restore and heal the lips, natural options such as essential oils seem to work best for the lips.

The essential oils together with suitable carrier oils get rid of aging signs on the lips soften their complexion and keep them moisturized and healthy. Some of the essential oils that seem to have good effects on chapped dry lips are:

  • Rose hip seed oil
  • Jasmine
  • Citrus peel oil
  • Lavender
  • Chamomile
  • Peppermint
  • Blue tansy
  • Aloe Vera

These oils offer the best results when used with carrier oils like olive, mustard, coconut, mustard and coriander as well as almond. Below is a highlight on how some of these essential oils and carrier oils work on chapped lips.

Lavender oil – It offers great relief to peeling, bleeding and painful lips that could result from chilly weather. It has soothing and healing properties and you can use together with coconut oil before applying to the lips several times in a day to get relief.

Jasmine – It works by relaxing, soothing and uplifting the lips. It has a warming and exotic fragrance that makes it quite soothing and relaxing. The oil can be applied several times during the day and can also be left overnight for better results.

Frankincense – It is a natural lip moisturizer and conditioner and will not only heal, but will also smooth up your lips. It can be blended with lavender and mixed with coconut oil to make a healing moisturizing balm for your lips.

Rose hip seed – This essential oil increases collagen and elasticity of the skin, but it also works great in lightening lip discoloration giving you beautiful lips. It is a great oil for protecting the lips from weather elements like wind and sun and it also reduces scars. A few drops of the oil can be used with coconut oil before applying to the lips to heal cracking and chapping.

Coconut oil – It makes perfect carrier oil because it has Vitamin E, antioxidants and fatty acid emollients. They together keep the lips hydrated and healthy. It can be directly applied to the lips when they feel dry or can be used with the essential oils.

Olive oil – It also has the antioxidants, Vitamin E and other nutrients that make it a great remedy for chapped lips. It also has anti-inflammatory agent making it a great oil and carrier oil to heal dry cracked lips.

You do not have to put up with the pain of dry, chapped lips when you have essential oils within reach. They are some of the best natural remedies in taking care of your lips and skin in general.


Essential oils are popular today and there are so many manufacturers and seller. Be sure to get your supplies from a trustworthy supplier to get high quality, effective oils for your use.


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What Are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are those that are extracted from various parts of a plant or tree. These are pure oils that need to be diluted with other vegetable oils or coconut oil before being used for various applications. Their aroma and other characteristics have helped these oils play a huge role in various applications like beauty treatments, wellness treats, overall physical and emotional well-being, household uses, aroma therapies and various other categories.  When you are using essential oils for any of these uses, you need to be clear about the following basic concepts:

Methods of extraction

There are lots of methods in which essential oils are extracted. Steam distillation is one of the most common and authentic methods of all.  Other methods of extraction are enfleurage, expressed oils, solvent extraction, fractional distillation, carbon dioxide extraction and phytonic process. Most of these methods involve introduction of solvents or other chemicals to the oils, thereby disturbing its originality. Always opt for the ones that are naturally distilled with the help of steam treatments.

Application of essential oils

Essential oils are used in various applications today. While it is tough to mention all the departments in this article, we can list four main categories of application of these oils. These cover almost all the areas where these oils are used. The categories are aroma therapy, topical, internal and external. In the first category, these oils are used mainly for their excellent smells as room fresheners, deodorizers, perfumes and the like. In the second, they are used topically for applying on the skin in its diluted form mostly. In the third and rare category, few essential oils are consumed as part of medical treatments. The fourth category is where these oils are used for various external, household purposes like stain-removing, insect repellent, fabric conditioner and more.

Cost of essential oils

You would have noticed that essential oils (all types) are quite steeply priced. This is because some of the plants that go into making these oils are quite rare and are grown in certain countries only. Oils that are extracted from common plants are also priced in the higher range. This is because of two main factors – a) it requires a large quantity of plants to produce just one ounce of essential oil and b) the distillation and oil extraction procedures are quite complex and requires a great deal of patience for you to see the oil floating on top.

Buying the right kind of oils

With a sea of choices available for you in the market, it can get quite challenging when it comes to choosing the exact oil that is intended for your requirement. You need to have a clear understanding of the common oils, their characteristics, applications and ingredients, so that you can make a qualified judgement on your choice or choices of oils. These oils require a huge investment.  Therefore, never buy them, unless you are absolutely sure as to where and how you will be using them.  Do considerable research and buy oils that are extracted from organic or wild-crafted plants as this way, you can be sure that your oils would not be impacted by toxic fertilisers.


How To Use Essential Oils

Essential oils get to enter the body through three ways. They can be applied on the skin, ingested or inhaled. Inhalation and topical applications are the commonly used methods. The technique selected can depend on the effects that are desired from the essential oil that has been selected. For instance, topical applications can be great for wound care while inhalation can be a great method for addressing congestion and mood.

The essential oil selected can also determine the application technique. For instance, oils that are irritating can be inhaled instead of applying to the skin. An experienced aroma-therapist can help you choose the best technique of using your chosen essential oil if you are not very sure of how to go about it.

Dry evaporation – This is a technique where the oil is placed on a tissue or cotton ball and then allowed to evaporate for the effects to be achieved. The ball or tissue can be sniffed for intense doses of the essential oil. You can place the cotton ball on your desk to inhale the beneficial oils.

Diffuser – It is a device in which the oils are placed and left to evaporate with water or heat depending on the device type or directions of use. Modern diffusers have timers because very high temperatures can alter the chemical structure of the oil.

Steam – This is another inhalation method that is done by placing a few drops of the oil in a steaming water bowl to vaporize the oil. The method is great for sinus infections and upper respiratory issues such as congestion. The method is potent and direct hence only 2 drops maximum should be used and it is not recommended for children under the age of 7.

Spray – In this technique, the essential oil is placed in a solution that is water based, shaken and then sprayed into the air so a room is deodorized or to set the desired mood. It is advisable to shake the solution every time before spraying for effectiveness.

Compress – The oil is applied to the affected areas directly in this technique. It can also be diluted and a cloth can be soaked into it before being placed onto the desired areas, either as a cold or hot compress.

Gargle – It is a great method for sore throat and other oral issues that can be helped by essential oils. Drops are added in water and the mix used as mouthwash. It should be gargled and spat out.

Bath – It is one of the commonly used applications for a cooling and calming bath. The drops are added to the bath water right before stepping in. The essential oils are absorbed through the skin and inhaled at the same time. Considering they are not water soluble, it could be helpful to use bath salts to disperse the oils.

Massage – The oils in this application technique are added to natural carrier oil and used as massage oil on the body.

When it comes to ingesting the oils, suppositories and oral ingestions can be used but preferably under supervision of a health care provider.

Essential oils can be very beneficial in boosting good health when used in the right way. Get directions from a good and reliable aroma therapist so you can use your oil in the best way possible.

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Homemade Lavender Essential Oil Soothing Scalp Mask

Scalp issues can be frustrating for real. Nothing can be worse than having a dry and irritated and dandruff ridden scalp, especially when you are trying hard to concentrate. The itchy issues can leave you frustrated and unfortunately shampoos that promise good results with the issues seem to offer only temporary results. You also really cannot rely on the shampoos that have chemical ingredients because even as they benefit one part, they will have negative effects on the other.

It is not always given that that dandruff shampoo or moisturizer will deliver the kind of results you expect to your scalp. The products can also be quite expensive, especially with the constant use required for results to be seen. With very little money, you can make your own scalp soothing mask to deal with the frustration. Lavender essential oil seems to be the best choice for this homemade scalp mask together with a few other ingredients that will soothe and moisturize the scalp offering you relief in the process.

What you need

Lavender essential oil – It is probably the most popular of all essential oils and is featured in so many products because of its amazing natural properties. When it comes to skin issues, it is the best oil that you can choose. This is because it has antifungal and antibacterial properties. It soothes and calms irritations and at the same time also stimulates the flow of blood to the skin taking care of a number of skin issues. You will love what the essential oil can do for your itchy scalp.

Aloe Vera gel – It is rich in anti-inflammatories. The components that make the gel best for the scalp mask are Vitamin E and B-sitosterol. The gel is also a natural moisturizer and its lightweight nature makes it suitable for the mask and other products alike.

Vegetable glycerin – The glycerin acts as natural humectant. This means that it has the ability to draw moisture to the skin, improving dryness that is associated with itchy scalps. The ingredient is also hypo-allergenic and it increases the ability for the skin to absorb oxygen improving the scalp condition in the process.


  • It is a simple product to make at home. Simply add 2 tablespoons of the best quality aloe Vera gel, 2 tablespoons of vegetable glycerin and 10 drops of lavender essential oil.
  • Blend the ingredient together and then pour the mask into an airtight jar.
  • You can store the scalp mask in your fridge to prolong shelf life and for that extra relieving coolness with every use.

Use directions

Apply the mask onto irritated spots on the scalp or over your entire scalp. Massage and rub the mask using fingertips and them leave it overnight. You can then wash it off in the morning.

The mask is immediately soothing and a few uses will make a huge difference for your scalp and hair too.

You can use according to what your itchy, dry scalp demands or until you have enjoyed complete relief.




Purely was started by a group of successful professionals with a simple mission: “Make a positive difference in the lives of our customers and advisors as well as those we come into contact with”.  Purely sells essential oil/ healthy living products through a party plan/direct sales channel.

How To Use Essential Oils Safely

Essential oils are used in massive fields today, because of their efficiency and positive results. These oils are very powerful, which is why they are successful in the all the fields that they are used. However, the strength of an essential oil is its weakness as well. If not used properly, the power of these oils is enough to destroy a person’s mental and physical state. To get maximum use from these oils, you need to ensure that you use them in the right way. If you have any doubts, you can consult experts in herbs & plants, beauty treatments and other departments to get a clear idea on how you need to use them safely. Here are some of the basic points that you need to keep in mind when you using these oils:

  1. Always dilute and use

Essential oils contain concentrate plant extracts. Even though some oils are mentioned as safe to be used directly on skin and in other applications, you should always dilute it with vegetable oil complex or coconut oil drops, so that you don’t experience any serious complications due to direct exposure of these oils. You should never apply these oils near your eyes, as it causes a lot of irritation and burning. When you want to apply these oils for kids, consult with your child’s paediatrician accordingly and then proceed as per his advice.

  1. Buy original oils

This is one of the first points that you need to remember when you buy essential oils. If you want to use these oils in the safest manner possible, you should ensure that you buy the right quality of oils. When you buy fake or adulterated oils, you tend to more harm than good for your skin, body or other applications. Always do necessary tests like pouring a drop of this oil on a paper to check for oily patches, checking if the oils are stored in dark-coloured glass bottles, reading through the ingredients to make sure that there are no chemical or synthetic elements are present and having a clear idea about the price of your choice of essential oils. Once you are clear about these factors, you can buy authentic and original essential oils and get ultimate benefits from the same.

  1. Internal consumption

You should never use essential oils for internal purposes unless you are instructed by your doctor to do so. Even in cases where you are asked to consume essential oils, be very strict about the time, frequency and dosage of oils that you need to take on a daily basis. When you consume even one drop more than your prescribed levels, you will suffer from serious ailments like nervous collapse, brain tumours, cancers, etc.

  1. Check packaging

For best results, you need to purchase essential oils that contain the words, “organic” and “wilf-crafted”. In the former method, plants are grown naturally without being exposed to harmful chemicals and in the latter method, plants that grow naturally in the forests are used. These are the most natural varieties of plants and they are not exposed to toxic fertilisers at all.

How To Check The Quality Of Essential Oils

Essential oils are available in various types and from various countries today. With such a wide range of suppliers and quantity available in the markets and online stores, it becomes difficult to check if all these oils are of pure quality or not. A layman may not know and may not have the accessories that are necessary for assessing the quality of essential oils.  Usage and application of sub-standard and adulterated essential oils create lots of damage for one’s body and mind. Therefore, it becomes imperative to check the quality of these oils despite the rate of difficulty of this task. Here are some of the basic ways in which you can check if your essential oils are of high quality or not.

  1. Price

For the common man, this is one of the easiest ways of identifying if essential oils are original or not. If you find that these oils are sold at very low prices, this is a clear indication that they have mixed synthetic, chemical, therapeutic and other kinds of ingredients in the oil. You need to stay away from oils that have a very low price tag attached to them. While oils extracted from rare plants are priced too steeply, oils extracted from common plants too are not too low either. It takes large quantities of plants (common and rare) to make just one ounce of essential oil. So, the high prices are completely justified.

  1. Latin Names

You can ascertain the range of quality of your essential oils by reading the packaging of the bottle thoroughly. The bottle should contain the Latin name, botanical name (if both are different) and the common name. If it just contains lavender oil, you should refrain from purchasing it, because you can never be sure of the type of lavender plant that was used to extract that particular oil. Latin names are mandatory. You need to cross check if those Latin names coincide with the purposes that you intend to purchase the oil for and then make the right choice.

  1. Vendors

You can get good quality of essential oils from reputed and experienced vendors. Choose vendors that are authorised as per your country’s laws so that you are not exploited. When you are buying from online suppliers, you need to be extra-careful, as you don’t get to test aromas or samples. IT is highly recommended that you reduce online purchases as much as possible, when it comes to essential oils.

  1. Technical sophistication

If you are satisfied with all the above points, you must still consult the opinion of an expert aroma therapist for technical help. He will introduce your essential oils through a series of GC (Gas Chromatography) and MC (Mass Spectometry) tests to identify if your oils are genuine or if any additives have been added to them.  Both of these tests have the potential to identify the presence of additives, amount of additives, mixture of two or more oils and all adulteration practices that your oils were subjected to. These tests are quite expensive; however it is worth the price, because you will get to know if you have invested in original essential oils or not, through these tests.

Look Beautiful And Remain Safe Using This Homemade Essential Oils Lipstick

Beauty products come in so many variations and the truth is that most are ridden with synthetic ingredients that may not be that safe over a period of time. The chemicals used in these products bring lots of problems later in life as they get seeped into the system and start manifesting negatively. It is for this reason that people are advised to choose more natural products for any beauty need. Checking the ingredients used in making your favorite beauty product can save you from products that are unsafe and harmful to you and your health.

It may seem impossible, but natural lipstick is among the beauty products that can easily be made at home. Using essential oils and other natural ingredients, you will not only have a soothing, safe lipstick, but you will also have a pleasantly scented lipstick for your use. With the homemade lipstick, you do not have to worry about toxic chemicals, preservatives and fragrances. You will look your best without risking your health in any way.

The ingredients

Sweet almond or coconut oil – These are the best carrier oils and they also have nourishing nutrients to keep your lips supple and smooth. You can choose your favorite to use in the home recipe.

Beeswax – It is the binding ingredient that will keep your lipstick together firmly for ease of use. The wax also creates a protective layer when you apply the lipstick so your lips so not end up drying.

Shea butter or cocoa butter – The two butters nourish and moisturize the lips, keeping them hydrated and looking great. They will also soothe cracked or chapped skin.

Essential oils – The best for this homemade lipstick are peppermint, lavender, lemongrass and citrus essential oils. They all have nourishing nutrients and are soothing to the lips and they will also add that sweet fragrance to the lipstick. You can choose one or two of the essential oils to create your lipstick.

Natural color – To add color to your lipstick, you can use ingredients such as turmeric, alkanet root, cinnamon or beet root powder. They are all natural and easy to find and you can select according to personal preference.


Heat 2 tbsp. sweet almond oil, 1 tbsp. of beeswax and a tablespoon of Shea butter or cocoa butter and allow them to melt and mix thoroughly.

After mixing, add the color ingredient that you have selected for the lipstick, then remove the mixture from the heat.

Stir in a drop or two of your selected essential oil or oils for nourishment and fragrance. Lavender and peppermint can be great combinations, but you can choose any other to match your preferences.

Add the mixture into lipstick sticks and allow cooling and hardening before using.

Using the lipstick

The homemade lipstick can be used like the normal lipstick. Ensure it the stick remains capped and store your lipstick in a good dark spot to maintain quality and prolong life especially that of the essential oils.


Purely was started by a group of successful professionals with a simple mission: “Make a positive difference in the lives of our customers and advisors as well as those we come into contact with”.  Purely sells essential oil/ healthy living products through a party plan/direct sales channel.

Top 6 Things You Should Do To Achieve Healthier Living

Maintaining good health is the key to longevity and the key to keeping suffering at bay. Bad lifestyle habits have led many people to diseases and health problems, some of which can be fatal. A few changes in the way you live your life can bring plenty of positive changes to your life and achieve healthier better living. Below are some of the changes or things you can do to start living a healthier life.

1.  Know your health status

A medical checkup is an important start because this way you can have any existing health issues taken care of and have other potential risks minimized and kept at bay. It will become easier for you to make improvements when you already know the current health condition.

2.  Keep your weight at healthy levels

Your height and age can be used to calculate the right weight range for you. A BMI calculator is usually used to make the calculations so that you know what your ideal weight should be. Important to remember is that being overweight leads to serious health problems, including heart disease and type 2 diabetes among others. In case you find that you are overweight, find a weight loss program that is suitable enough so you can shed the extra pounds to your ideal weight. Then you should adopt good eating habits to maintain the ideal weight for improved health.

3.  Cut your alcohol intake or abstain completely

Excessive drinking deteriorates life and can actually put you at risk of stroke and other health risks such as liver complications, heart attacks and even cancers. It is important to minimize your intakes and seek professional help if you feel addicted to alcohol

4.  Exercise on a regular basis

Most people think that exercises are only for those who want to lose weight. However, regular exercises are very important in promoting good health. When you remain active, you reduce risks of chronic diseases and enjoy the added benefits of a toned fit physique. There are so many exercises you can easily do without even having to go to the gym. Activities such as jogging, brisk walking, running and swimming also make very good exercises. Find what excites you most and create an exercise regime you can stick to.

5. Cut your fat and salt intakes

Too much salt and fat in your diet has been found to be a contributing factor to chronic illnesses such as diabetes, joint problems, heart disease and obesity as well as high blood pressure and others. When you reduce your intakes to healthy levels, you will greatly reduce your risks of such diseases. Choose cooking fat that is low in cholesterol or has no cholesterol at all and avoid eating uncooked salt.

6.  Eat more fruits and vegetables

They are rich in minerals and nutrients that are important in promoting good health. The secret is to take well balanced meals with a large portion being made up of vegetables. You can then snack on healthy fruits throughout the day compared to processed snacks.

To improve your health, you can also choose high quality natural supplements that are rich in vitamins.

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