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3 Top Essential Oils For Weight Loss

Healthy living is very important and watching your weight is one of the best things you can do to ensure that your health remains in top shape. When you are overweight then you are exposed to so many health conditions and complications. To keep them at bay, you must know what your ideal weight is and work towards achieving and maintaining it.

Many people are today struggling with weight issues, but the good news is that with healthy eating and exercises, it is possible to lose the extra pounds and improve health in the process. Essential oils are some of the best additions you can choose to have in your weight loss program.  The oils assist the body in proper weight loss and will support the body during the weight loss so you can pride yourself in good health results with the weight loss program you have. There are three essential oils that seem to work very well when it comes to weight loss.

  1. Cinnamon oil

It aids weight loss by helping with the body naturally.  It is actually a very safe to use oil.  The oil balances blood sugar and therefore reduces sugar cravings aiding weight loss in the process. It is important to remember that unstable sugar levels in the blood can cause low energy, overeating and weight gain. To slow down glucose release rates in your blood, add the essential oil to oats, smoothies, baked products, tea and fruits.

  1. Grapefruit oil

It helps break down body fat by activating the enzymes that are responsible for this. The oil from grapefruit peel is rich in compounds among them the D-limonene compound which supports metabolism and helps cleanse and drain lymphatic glands. The oil can be applied topically to act as a lymphatic and diuretic stimulant. It is actually for this reason that the oil features in many cellulite blends and creams. It should however be used in small amounts on the skin. It makes the best essential oil for burning fat and losing weight because it activates saliva enzymes, which in turn break down stored fats in the body. The oil can be mixed with grapefruit and patchouli oil to reduce cravings and suppress hunger aiding weight loss in the process. The oil can be added to water, massages to the wrists and chest or diffused.

  1. Ginger oil

It helps weight loss by reducing sugar cravings. When losing weight, your aim should be to support nutrients absorption and digestion too, and this is what ginger will do for you. It has gingerols which are compounds that reduce weight. This oil aids in the overall absorption of minerals and vitamins is improved supporting cellular energy and adding weight loss. It is therefore very reliable oil for those trying to lose weight.

Essential oils have been in use for years and they will only continue to grow in popularity because of how powerful they are in dealing with issues including weight related issues.

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