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4 Essential Oils To Sooth Burns


Accidental burns are not uncommon, especially at home. They could be anything from mild burns when you accidentally touch on a hot pan or coffee mug to severe burns that can be from direct contact with kitchen grease during cooking. Burn pain can be excruciating and very uncomfortable and you might require medical attention for some types of burns.

First degree burns are less severe because they affect only the top layer of the skin and you can soothe them easily at home to allow quicker healing. Second degree burns will touch much more than just the top layer and will probably affect underlying skin layers causing immense pain and skin blistering. They can be soothed and treated at home, but you might want to get medical care if they cover the hands and face. Third degree burns are severe and extend to tissues and muscles and you should therefore get quick medical attention for them. They can be from electrical accidents and chemicals or fires.

It is advisable not to use essential oils on third degree burns because they will make them worse, but you can soothe minor burns at home using effective essential oils to prevent further skin damage and to relieve the pain. Some of the best essential oils for burns include:

Lavender – It promotes new cell and tissue regeneration greatly reducing scarring after a burn.

Peppermint – The essential oil has cooling menthol effects that are great at soothing burnt skin. You can use it for scalds and burns that you get from steams, stove and oven when cooking in your kitchen to relieve the pain.

Roman chamomile – This essential oil makes a great choice for burns that occur at home. It does soothes the pain away.

Helichrysum – It has properties that encourage cell regeneration and also prevent scarring that comes with burns. Even though it is used largely to clear old scars, it is a wonderful oil for fresh scars. It will cut down the burn pain and help the skin to take its original form and appearance.

Calendula – This essential oil cuts the pain, puffiness and redness of a burn and boosts growth of cells and tissues hastening the healing process. It can be used in extracts form or as herbal oil that is readily available in the market.

Tea tree – It should be part of your first aid kit at home because of how valuable it is not just for burns but also other topical skin issues. It soothes the pain of burns away and promotes quick healing.  You can create compresses with the essential oils and applying a few drops on the burn to soothe the pain away.

There are so many essential oils today and each comes with its benefits. Make sure you get enough information on the oil you are about to purchase so you get the most suitable and use it appropriately.


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