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4 Ways To Maintain Your Ideal Weight

It is very easy to gain weight but extremely taxing to lose it. When you are overweight, you risk serious diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure as well as some cancer forms. What you eat is crucial and you can actually manage your weight when you eat right. Eating right helps you maintain the ideal weight depending on your BMI. If you have been through a successful weight loss program, you also definitely must watch what you eat if at all you are to maintain the newly acquired weight. Below are a few simple ways you can use to maintain a healthy weight.

  1. Choose foods that are high in fiber

Fiber is good because it keeps you full and boosts your metabolism. The foods that are high in fiber have better taste and above all they are very low in calories naturally. You can double your fiber intakes as a simple way of cutting calorie absorption daily, hence you are not at any risk of gaining weight.

  1. Combine protein and fiber in every meal you take

The two nutrients together take longer to digest and this means that you will feel full for longer reducing the chances of overeating or snacking that can be bad for your weight. This is a combination that also has the ability to keep steady glucose serum levels so that you achieve sustained energy without any sugar cravings.

  1. Drink more water

Drinking water is not very easy for many people because it is really something you remember when you are thirsty. However, it is very easy to pass dehydration for hunger and this means that you risk eating when you are not really hungry. A good idea is to drink some water before you snack. When you make a habit of drinking enough water every day, then the chances of mistaking thirst for hunger are greatly reduced. Carry a bottle of water even when you are out and you can add a slice of lemon to improve the taste.

  1. Spice up your food

There are so many natural, healthy spices that you can use to make your food taste better and at the same time help you keep your weight in check. The natural spices are actually healthier alternatives to sugar and salt. Spicy foods increase the rate of your heart as well as your body temperatures, therefore helping you burn more calories. Cayenne pepper is one of the spices you can use to benefit from strengthened heart, capillaries and arteries and to lower your cholesterol levels. Cinnamon on the other hand lowers cholesterol. Find out more about spices and how they help boost your health then choose your favorites.

  1. Dress salads healthily

Even though salads are generally healthy, wrong dressing can make them unhealthy. Keep off oil based dressing and creamy concoctions and use red wine vinegar or grated parmesan cheese. Lemon juice and mustard are also healthy options for your salad dressing.


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