Mint oil in a bottle and fresh leaves

8 Essential Oils That Can Eliminate Stretch Marks

Stretch marks can be defined as the purple, red or pink zebra like streaks or marks appearing on skin areas like the breasts, thighs, derriere, tummy and upper arm area. Over time the pronounced colors fade to gray whitish colors that are less noticeable. Just like the name suggests the marks develop as a result of skin stretching that can be caused by weight gain and pregnancy, but they can also be as a result of medications, health conditions and genes.

Even though a small number of men do get the stretch marks, they seem to be more common in women, maybe because of how their skin structures are naturally. They can be unsightly and many women find it very uncomfortable wearing outfits that expose the affected areas. Even though there is really nothing to be ashamed of about the stretch marks and they are not painful, you can find effective remedies if you feel a need to improve their look or if they start getting itchy. Below are some of the best essential oils you can use to eliminate the stretch marks.

Jasmine – It boosts elasticity of the skin and nourishes it, thanks to the healing properties that it has. It will not only fade existing stretch marks, but you can use it to prevent development of new ones. This essential oil takes care of skin oiliness, scarring and dryness too.

Lavender – It is tranquil healing oil that is among the best in eliminating the unsightly stretch marks. It works by rejuvenating and toning the skin, thus fading the marks with time. Many products designed to stretch mark removal actually have this oil as an active ingredient.

Myrrh – The essential oil works as an astringent keeping the skin in shape and at the same time ensuring that nutrients reach the skin to boost its health. It will give your skin that youthful look and suppress the development of the marks.

Sage – The best thing about this oil is that it is safe enough even for pregnant women to use. It also repairs skin by stimulating blood circulation. You can add a few drops in bath water or massage it onto the marks diluted to get rid of stretch marks.

Frankincense – It heals and fades the stretch marks and at the same time also prevents tissue damage. You will manage to repair skin that has been stretched to its limits using this oil and also manage to keep the formation of new marks at bay.

Patchouli – This essential oil has healing properties that encourage quick skin recovery. It also prevents development of scars and encourages new healthy skin cells to grow. It is also a natural moisturizer that will keep your skin hydrated soft and supple.

Geranium – Most stretch mark creams and beauty products have this essential oil because it has proven healing properties. It boosts the production of collagen and boosts skin elasticity healing existing stretch marks and preventing development of new ones.


There is a long list of essential oils that can help eliminate stretch marks. Your task is to purchase the oils from reputable sources to get quality effective oils.