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Can Essential Oils Be Used For Pets?


If you love your pet animals and want to pamper them with the best treatments, you can do so by using good-quality and original essential oils. It is recommended to have a word with a medical expert to understand if your pets are allergic to the aroma of any particular oil, before proceeding to applying the same. This way, you can be assured that your pets will be kept safe from the impact of these oils. Yes, essential oils can definitely be used on your pets; however, you should do so, only after taking care of the following points:

Different species react differently to essential oils

If you are an animal-lover and have dogs, cats, rabbits, squirrels and a lot more pets in your house, this point is apt for you. You should understand that all these different species may react differently to the same oils. For example, your dogs may love the mild aroma of lavender oil but your cats may act weird when they sniff this oil. Understand the pattern of behaviour of each animal towards these oils and make necessary notes, so that you don’t cause any problems for your pets. Speaking with a veterinary expert about this point will give you lots of clarity in this subject.

Make your pets accustomed to the aroma

You cannot expect your pets to adjust to the strong aroma of essential oils overnight. It is not fair and is not practical, either. Give ample time for your pets to sniff in the smells. You can apply a drop of these oils in your palm and rub them or apply these oils on your dress so that your pets a feel of the smell when they are around you. Cats and dogs have a very strong sense of smell. Therefore, it is important to introduce various smells to them and observe how they react to different aromas.

Application of oils on pets

Pets love it when you apply essential oils topically over them. You can rub oil in your hands and stroke their fur or you can apply few drops of oil in the paws of your pets so that they are able to feel the aroma nicely. You should take enough care in diluting the essential oils well before application, because animals develop rashes when you apply concentrated oils. One drop of essential oil can be mixed with up to 10 drops of normal vegetable oil complex before application. Use the drops sparingly so that your pets get used to it in a phased manner.

Thorough research

When you are applying essential oils on your pets, you need to do thorough research and note down various points like – oils that can and cannot be used, mode of application of each oil, can oils be injected internally, how to give these oils internally – through food or other means, how they react to the oils in different times of the day, impact of application of these oils, how frequently your pet needs to  pampered in a day and other relevant details. This way, you will be able to keep track of the oil consumption and your pet behaviour as well.