Soothe Hemorrhoids With An Essential Oil Homemade Cream

A good percent of adults suffer from hemorrhoids and treatment usually relies on how severe they are. There are so many ways of relieving the pain, itchiness and discomfort that comes with hemorrhoids and sometimes this is all you need instead of costly surgical procedures or stapling. The anal protrusions can get really uncomfortable and sometimes they interfere with bowel movements. Sitz baths are most recommended for soothing them, but they may not always work.

To soothe the piles, there is also the option of going for over the counter pain-relief suppositories and drugs. You can also create your own effective hemorrhoid cream at home to enjoy relief from the uncomfortable protrusions when they start becoming problematic. The good thing about the homemade cream is that it contains natural ingredients that are safe and effective enough and they include the best essential oils with properties that will soothe the piles.

Cream ingredients

Lavender essential oil – It has powerful antioxidants that work by reducing inflammation, thus relieving the pain and itchiness of the hemorrhoids. It is one of the most popular essential oils thanks to the numerous properties that it has.

Tea tree essential oil – The antiseptic properties of this essential oil are what makes it perfect for the hemorrhoids. It reduces irritation and offers quick relief from the discomfort caused by the piles.

Turmeric essential oil – It works by soothing the inflamed skin and also hastens the healing process of the fissures. It is a great pain relief and will work great for this hemorrhoid cream, especially for those who have painful piles.

Shea butter – It has Vitamin A and E which fights inflammation and reduce itching and dryness that could be worsening the condition.

Aloe Vera gel – reduces itching and also reduces inflammation soothing the piles.

Apple cider vinegar and witch hazel – They both fight inflammation, irritations and swellings that are very common with hemorrhoids.

Coconut Oil – Helps fight infections and keeps the skin moisturized and comfortable.


  • Place 2 ounces of Shea butter in a double boiler and heat till it softens, then add 2 ounces of coconut oil and 1 ounce of aloe Vera gel and blend well.
  • Once blended, add 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar, 1 tablespoon of witch hazel, 10 drops of lavender essential oil, 5 drops of tea tree essential oil and 5 drops of turmeric essential oil and blend thoroughly again.
  • Place the cream in a glass jar and tightly replace the rid. You can then rub onto the affected area at least twice daily, preferably morning and night until you enjoy desired results.

This simple recipe will make at least 6 ounces of the cream and it should last you a considerable time before the need to make another. It is important that you use the cream when the discomfort begins to feel problematic and give it a rest when the situation has improved. Combine the homemade cream with good food choices and you will have fewer troubles with the hemorrhoids.



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10 Guidelines On How To Best Use Essential Oils

When a product is declared safe and effective for use, it does not mean that when you use it in the wrong way you will still achieve the desired results. Apart from getting the right product quality, you must also ensure that you use it correctly to get the best results. This is the same case when it comes to essential oils; they might be some of the safest natural remedies for different kinds of health, beauty and cleaning issues, but the results you get will largely depend on how you handle and use the essential oil that you have.

  1. Always take extra precaution when using the oils near or around delicate skin areas such as the nose and eyes. Direct contact with such sensitive areas can cause damage to the skin and hence the need to be cautious even when using diluted oils.
  2. When buying the oils, ensure that you get them as pure as you can afford. Oils with synthetic fragrances can end up disappointing you and they might even pose risks when you use them. Choose brands you know you can trust for quality to get the best results.
  3. Ensure that you do not over use the essential oils. Find out what periods are recommended when using the oils for prolonged kinds of treatment. You should also ensure that you do not expose yourself too long to the vapors, especially if you are in a room with poor ventilation. Prolonged exposure can give rise to lightheadedness, dizziness, blood sugar imbalances and irritability among other issues.
  4. Remember that light, heat and air can degrade your oils. You therefore should make sure that the cap is replaced tightly after use and you should also allocate a dry, dark storage area such as a cabinet for the oils. It is a simple way of preserving the quality and effectiveness. The same should be done with carrier oils.
  5. Find out as much as possible about an oil before you go ahead to use it. There are so many resources you can use to get educated about an essential oil that you want to experiment, including precautions, possible side effects and dosage. The more you know about the safe essential oil, then easier and better it will be for you to use it as recommended and actually reap its benefits.
  6. You can even contact the brand manufacturer for further clarity about the oil you are about to use if you are not too sure. A qualified medical specialist can also come in handy in helping you make the right choice with the brands and the essential oils. It is actually a good idea that you consult your doctor before using the essential oils in any way if you have a medical condition you are already getting treatment for.
  7. Do not assume that any essential oil is good for any issue. Find out what essential oils are best for what issues and get to know about the most effective methods of using them depending on what you are treating.


Essential oils are as good as how the plants have been grown, the distillation process and the packaging. Go for a brand that you can trust to get you pure and high quality oils for your use.

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Give Your Hands A Treat With Essential Oils

The nature of your job and the chores and tasks you have to undertake everyday, even around the home can take a toll on your hands. The hands get involved literary in everything that needs to be done and the truth is that very few people take the time to accord them the care and pampering that they deserve. The end result is cracked, dry, rough and sometimes sore hands. Fortunately, with the best essential oils, you can have and maintain smooth, soft hands without changing your daily routine which is inevitable anyway. The essential oils will nourish the hands and soothe them in a safe and effective manner.

Hand scrub – Lemon and frankincense essential oils are the best when you want to make your own natural hand care scrub. Together the oils exfoliate the hands to get rid of dead cells and any buildup leading to rough hands. To make the scrub, mix a few drops of lemon and frankincense essential oils with coconut oil and sea salt, then use the solution to scrub the hands before rinsing. You should do this on a regular basis.

Nail conditioning soak – Torn and dry cuticles can be unsightly but lemon, lavender and rosemary essential oils will restore their health and keep them looking vibrant. Mix the three essential oils and add olive oil and buff the nails before soaking them into the solution. Buffing boosts circulation and will leave the nails looking shinier after you have soaked them into the aromatic conditioner. The mixture softness cuticles, makes nails stronger and at the same time keep harmful fungus at bay. Make sure you soak the nails for at least 10 minutes in the conditioner.

Hand care oil – The hand oil will keep your hands moisturized and clean regardless of what harsh tasks or elements you expose them. The best oils to make effective care oil for your hands are rose maroc, lavender and blue chamomile. You can use jojoba as the carrier oil for even better results on your hands. You will love the soothing moisture and the scent when you rub the mixture in. Do this on a regular basis and you will be giving your hands the much needed care to keep them soft and smooth.

The hands have pressure and reflex points that need to be pampered not to just treat the hands, but to also make you feel better on the overall. Simple treats with essential oils can make all the difference in how your hands look and feel so start pampering them today and see the difference.

There are so many applications for essential oils and most have to do with your health and beauty. Use them to attain what you are looking for naturally and safely.

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Popular Essential Oils’ Health Benefits

Essential oils are loved and widely used because of the purifying and health benefits they have. Most of the oils have antioxidant properties and have been in use for years to help different ailments. The oils are used in application such as perfumes, skin care products, aromatherapy, soap and medicinal applications. When it comes to health issues, the therapeutic powers of the oils can help in relieving conditions such as stress, skin conditions, digestive issues, joint pain, sore throat, congestion, muscle fatigue and arthritis.

Rosemary – This essential oil is loved because of the rejuvenating effects it offers. It can help boost memory, relieve nervous tension, and stimulate scalp circulation. A few drops of the oil in a shampoo can help achieve shiny and healthy hair.

Tea Tree – It is one of the most popular essential oils and it is used widely to boost the immune system.

Chamomile – This popular oil is loved for the calming effects that it has. It can act as a very good mood booster because it helps in relieving tension when inhaled in vapor or steam form.

Peppermint – The essential oil can offer a natural energy burst and it also improves mental alertness. It can be used as a massage oil, mouthwash or lotion. Other areas that the oil can help improve are digestion and congestion. It alleviates the congestion systems and aids digestion.

Lavender – A very common essential oil that is used widely for different things, but mostly for the soothing properties that it has. This oil has a way of relaxing the body and mind and is perfect to use before going to bed.

Bergamot – The oil is citrus scented and used widely in colognes and perfumes.  It is important to remember that it is one of the essential oils that need to be diluted before they are applied to the skin because using it undiluted can lead to burning. You can also use the oil as incense or in a diffuser.

Sandalwood – It is exotic oil that lasts long and helps keeping the senses focused and calm. A few drops can be added to body lotion to help in improving skin hydration.

Ylang Ylang – The Ylang Ylang essential oil has a flowery sweet fragrance and it is actually used in a huge variety of hair products and skin products. It has calming effects and it is good for all skin types, but best for oily skin. You can enjoy the benefits by adding a few drops to your lotion. You will love how calm you feel after a bath and applying the lotion.

There are so many essential oils available in the market today. To get the most suitable for your needs, look at what each one of the oils can help you with and then make a good choice.

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Essential Oil Benefits

Aromatherapy is the use of essential oil to achieve different results in different situations. Oil characteristics and properties are used and combined to offer the expected results. The aromatic properties of the essential oils bring about change in human body and mind which is what they are largely used to create a sense of well-being on the overall. When you choose the right essential oils, you will be able to benefit your spirit, mind and body leaving you feeling happy, balanced and content in life.

Benefits to the spirit

When aromas are diffused, they create a mysterious presence in your space which passes like a prayer or wish. Frankincense is one of the most beneficial essential oils in the spirit and has been used in prayer and meditation for ages. It has a balsamic rich aroma that easily penetrates deep into the lungs inspiring breathing that is slow and regular. If you want to have a rewarding spiritual journey, it would be a good idea to carry this essential oil. The application of essential oils can change your life on therapeutic, mystical and aesthetic levels.

Benefits to the mind

The aromas from essential oils simulate brain parts that affect emotion. They open olfactory nerve receptors inside your nostrils directly sending the aroma impression to the limbic system where your memories are kept and emotions and pleasure perceived. Once the limbic system gets stimulated then it releases chemicals that are essential to the central nervous system such as endorphins that help in reducing pain and improves sexual response and serotonin that counteracts anxiety.

When you inhale the essential oil, you are able to attain emotional balance that is pleasurable and when you are balanced emotionally even your physical problems are impacted positively. You can therefore use essential oils to enhance physical and mental well-being when you diffuse or inhale the oils. Some of the best oils for your mind are chamomile, sandalwood, rose that help you ease your nerve. Basil, lemon and peppermint can also be used to get over sleepiness that comes after eating; they are uplifting and energizing oils that will keep your energy levels up.

Benefits to the body

The skin seems to be the greatest beneficially of the essential oils because they get absorbed through it into individual cells and hair follicles too and into the sebaceous glands to mingle to natural emollients of the skin. The oils have deodorizing, balancing, toning and cleansing properties that makes them very beneficial in restoring the health of the skin. Whereas there are essential oils that benefit the skin and protect it from pollutants and barrage, some go beyond the skin in terms of benefits. The effects can be enjoyed through compresses, massage therapy, facial steams, foot and body baths. Lavender essential oil is amongst the best in replenishing and soothing your skin.

There are so many beneficial essential oils for your body, mind and spirit. When you learn a little bit more about the oils, you will be able to buy the most beneficial for your personal use.

Good health goes beyond the physical; you must strike a balance even in spirit and mind. Essential oils can help you achieve that balance for an overall feeling of well-being.

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5 Things That You Should Know About Using Essential Oils

Essential oils, which are made from pure extracts of plants and flowers, are widely used in various applications all over the world. These oils are pricier than the other oils in the industry, because it requires a large number of plants to produce just one bottle of essential oil. Some plants are very rare to find and oils extracted from them are priced quite steeply. However, they are worth every penny, because they are believed to have tremendous impact for the treatments and applications that they are intended for. When you use essential oils in your home or anywhere else, you should be aware of the following basic points:

  1. What goes into making these oils?

If you thought just plants or flowers were extracted or distilled to produce essential oils, you are wrong. These oils are made from almost all parts of a tree or plant like the barks, stem, leaves, flowers, root, etc.

  1. How many plants does it require to produce essential oils?

Lots, actually! It requires lots and lots of plants to produce just a single bottle of essential oil, which explains why these oils are steeply priced. For example, one pound of essential oil is made from around 4000 pounds of Bulgarian roses. In the case of a common plant like lavender, it takes around 100 pounds of lavender plant to make one pound of this oil, which is still quite huge in number. Most of these oils are concentrated nicely, which is why these oils are mixed with cheaper substitutes like synthetic and sold off as low-cost oil in most of the stores today.

  1. Is dilution necessary for essential oils?

There are three categories of essential oils – neat, sensitive and dilute. Neat oils are those that can be applied on the skin directly without diluting. Oils that are tagged as sensitive should be diluted before being used on sensitive skin. For normal skin, these oils can be applied directly. Oils that are marked as dilute should be mandatorily diluted with other elements like coconut oil, before being applied on the skin. However, experts suggest that all kinds of essential oils (even the neat ones) can be diluted before use. Diluting these oils will not impact their efficiency.

  1. Testing essential oils for authenticity

Since almost all essential oils are priced on the higher side, it is important for you to test the authenticity of these oils before you buy them.  Pure and original essential oils are not sticky or oily in nature. When you pour a drop of this oil on a piece of paper, you should not see any oily rings or patches. The only exceptions to these are those oils that are slightly thicker in consistency.


  1. Price

You should look at least about 5 places to know about the prices of essential oils of your choice. Know the various types of oils that are available in the market and their approximate price range. Stay away from vendors who supply essential oils to you at throwaway prices. However common a plat species, it requires detailed extraction and distillation procedures to make these oils. So, they never come cheap.

Reduce Dandruff Naturally With Essential Oils

If you experience dead skin shedding from your scalp, then you could be affected by dandruff.  It is also important to note that people with irritated oily skin can also have dandruff. When fungus proliferates the scalp, then skin cells start to die faster than usual. Luckily, there are very good essential oils you can use to attack the fungi, excessive oil secretion, and dryness.

Lavender oil is one of the best essential oils you can use for the natural treatment of dandruff. The oil makes a gentle moisturizer.

Patchouli oil is another great moisturizer for dandruff and the best thing about this essential oil is that you do not even have to use a carrier oil to enjoy the benefits.

Tea tree oil kills the fungus that causes dandruff and it also reduces itchiness and oiliness by a huge percent. It  works very well in promoting wound healing.

Chamomile oil can be applied to the scalp.

Other very good essential oils that can be used to reduce dandruff naturally are cinnamon, thyme, lemongrass, peppermint, eucalyptus and citrus oils.

How to use essential oils for dandruff

Topical application – This application means you apply the oil directly onto the scalp and sometimes it might even be better to let the oil stay overnight before you wash off in the morning. If you have a greasy scalp, then massage a few drops of essential oils of tea tree oil and lemon mixed with carrier oil. If the scalp is not as greasy, then you can use a few drops of patchouli and lavender mixed with a tablespoon of carrier oil. If you decide to leave the oil overnight, then use a towel over the pillow.

Hair rinse – The rinse method is faster than the topical application because you simply need to rinse the hair like you normally do when washing your hair. Traces of the essential oils will be left on the hair and you continue to enjoy the benefits of the oil you have chosen to treat dandruff. Add a few drops of the essential oils such as tea tree to every liter of water you use. Lemon oil regulates oils, whereas the tea tree will attack, inflammation and fungi. For an oily scalp, then chamomile and lavender make better oils. You can then use the water to rinse your hair and scalp.

Shampoo – There are shampoos out there that have essential oils as part of their ingredients and you can use them as well to treat dandruff. The shampoos should be used just like the normal hair shampoos but you should start by finding out the cause of your dandruff to select the most suitable shampoo.


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8 Ways To Use Essential Oils For Natural Skin And Beauty

A large number of people, especially women, are very particular about the general look of their skin and beauty in general. Diet is the major factor when it comes to skin health, but how you handle the common skin and beauty issues can also determine the end results you get to your skin. It is always advisable to seek natural remedies to these common issues and essential oils make the perfect remedies, especially considering that there is a long list of the oils you can use to handle almost any problems you experience with your skin.

  1. Mix grapefruit essential oils with coconut oil to get the perfect solution for reducing cellulite. You can massage the mixture onto the dimpled areas daily for a period of time to get the desired results.
  2. If you are looking for a natural perfume that will serve you right, jasmine, vanilla and lavender essential oils make the best fresh and natural fragrances especially with women. For men, clove and cypress oils can be used. You only need to place a few drops of your favorite oil on the wrists. You can also make a simple body spray by adding a few drops of lavender or your favorite oil into water and storing in a spray bottle for use.
  3. To freshen your breath, peppermint essential oil is the best natural method. You can make a simple mouthwash using the oil and rinse the mouth using it for that cool and fresh breath.
  4. If you have an acne breakout that you want to get rid of, then make a face wash using raw honey and tea tree essential oil. The mixture should be rubbed on the face before it is rinsed out with clean water. You should start seeing your skin clearing with continued use.
  5. Essential oils can also be used to make natural effective toothpaste. You can do this my simply combining peppermint essential oil, xylitol, coconut oil, sea salt and baking soda. The best thing about this natural toothpaste is that it is re-mineralizing and very safe too.
  6. If you want to give your hair a treat using natural, safe shampoo, you can use rosemary and lavender essential oils to make your own homemade shampoo. The essential oils should be mixed with coconut milk and aloe Vera gel for a complete product for your hair.
  7. When it comes to healthy hair and scalp, the essential oils do not disappoint. You can use basil, Cedarwood or lavender oils together with your shampoo to promote a healthier scalp by reducing itching. Rosemary essential oil can be added to hair shampoo to promote thicker growths and increase volume. You can also take care of oily hair using rosemary oil, lime and ylang ylang oil in unscented oil and using the mixture to massage the scalp.
  8. For strong nails at least 10 drops of lemon, myrrh and frankincense should be mixed with at least two tablespoons of vitamin E oil. This mixture should then be rubbed to the cuticles on a regular basis.

Other skin and beauty uses of essential oils include teeth whitening, deodorant use, dandruff elimination and they as a natural skin toner. The oils can handle practically any issue you have as far as beauty and skin goes.

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How To Eliminate Body Odor Using Essential Oils

When you have bad body odor, it means that you have bacteria thriving in your body sweat. This is simply because sweat is made of waste products and toxins your body has eliminated from the system. Your diet plays a role in how bad, your body odor is because it can determine the accumulation of the toxins within the body. Hormonal activity is the other factor that plays a role in body odor with imbalances resulting in abnormal activity of the sweat glands causing more sweating and bacterial formation exposure thus body odor.

To eliminate bad body odor, you must take certain measures and among these is making lifestyle changes, bathing constantly to get rid of the bacteria and choosing the best fabrics and clothing. You should also consider making dietary changes, avoid caffeine and tobacco, some medication and also find ways of controlling perspiration rates. Using essential oils is one of the natural ways of eliminating the body odor to leave you smelling fresh and clean. The oils have properties that fight body odor causes and you can combine them for higher efficacy. But which essential oils can help you keep those embarrassing moments minimal?

Parsley – The chlorophyll has a deodorizing effect that neutralizes body odor, thus ensuring that you smell good and fresh.

Witch hazel – The essential oil of witch hazel can also be very helpful in fighting bad body odor. It is actually a recognized effective natural deodorant alternative and so it helps to keep it handy if you are among those who suffer from the body odor.

Radish – The oil makes a great foot deodorant, but it is also very effective when used underarm.

Rosemary – This oil has antibacterial properties that help in fighting bacteria buildup leading to the body odor. It will not only keep you feeling fresh, but will also uplift your moods.

Sage – The essential oils works by reducing sweat gland activity which remains to be a major cause of body odor.

Tea tree – It has antibacterial properties making just as effective as rosemary as a natural deodorant that is effective in fighting the body odor. Other fragrant oils that you should consider using are cypress, patchouli, ylang ylang, lavender and grapefruit.

Making the natural deodorants

Now that you know the best essential oils for body odor, next is to make your homemade deodorant to start enjoying the benefits of the essential oils. A few steps will help you make a natural deodorant at home easily.

  • Take two of your favorite oils and combine them, then mix in grapefruit seed extracts. This combination is great in fighting bacterial that lead to body odor formation.
  • Let the ingredients fully incorporate and then pour out the solution in separate container and spray bottle.
  • You can then shake well and spray under your arms on a regular basis until your body odor problem is no more.
  • Lavender and witch hazel make a great combination so you can start with the oils, but you can also test the rest of the oils until you finally find one that you love most.

When used right essential oils can prove very beneficial even in fighting body odor. Choose between soft floral scents, light herbal and fresh citrus scents depending on your individual preferences.

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At Purely our mission is simple: to introduce the best essential oils to the world in a way that is accessible and easy-to-use.  Discover the Purely difference and join us in changing the world.


5 Most Popular Essential Oils

Essential oils have penetrated into various fields today. In the olden days, these oils were used only for aromatherapy or for treating physical ailments. Today, the scope of these highly effective essential oils has widened so much that we find them being used almost in all our daily tasks. Some of these oils are considered to be safe for new-born babies and pets as well. A few rare oils can also be consumed internally to treat various kinds of disorders. With a wide variety of applications and types of these oils, you have to be aware of some of the most popular oils that we use on a regular basis and their characteristics. Read on to know more about this.

  1. Bergamot

Though this oil has its roots in South East Asia, it is found in plenty in Italy. This oil has a citrus flavour and is extracted as a result of fruit rind pressing. One of the most common applications of this oil is in making perfumes. It is one of the most popular aromatherapy oils available in the market. Extracted from the fruit of the Citrus Bergamia tree, this oil should be diluted before being used anywhere, as it can burn one’s skin if applied directly.

  1. Chamomile

This relaxing essential oil is extracted from the leaves of the Chamomile plant as a result of  steam distillation process. When you look for these oils in the stores, you may come across two types in these – Roman Chamomile and German Chamomile. Both of these types have almost similar characteristics. You read the instructions carefully while using these oils as most of these types are prohibited for use by pregnant women.

  1. Jasmine

This oil is considered to be quite expensive because it is extracted from the Jasminum grandiflorum, which is grown only in some parts of China. Jasmine oil is known for its exotic fragrance. Hundreds of thousands of jasmine flowers are subject to solvent extraction method in a phased manner to produce about one ounce of jasmine oil. Due to the rare nature of this plant and the complexity of extraction procedures, this is one of the most expensive oils in the market today.

  1. Lemon

Lemon oil is another popular essential oil that we use for our mental and physical health, aromatherapy, beauty treatments and various household uses. When the fruits of Citrus Limonum tree are peeled through cold expression methodology, lemon oil is extracted.  The most significant feature of this oil is its aroma.

  1. Lavender

This is one of the most common yet one of the most useful essential oils that we use on a daily basis for a variety of purposes. Lavender flowers undergo steam distillation process after which we can extract lavender oil from them. It is one of the most ancient oils and has been used from time immemorial for relaxation of mind, body and soul. One of the major highlights of this oil is that it is suitable for people of all age groups. There have been only rare instances where people have reported allergic reactions due to the use of this oil.