4 Essential Oils That Are Safe for Babies

Just like adults, babies too can benefit by using essential oils. Because the oils are natural they come with fewer risks but the right amounts must be used especially on baby’s sensitive skin. The skin of an infant tends to be more sensitive that of an adult and most people worry about essential oil burnings when they use the oils on the babies. Whereas there are essential oils that are safe for baby use, you must always ensure that you dilute them using carrier oils like vegetable oils before you apply to the soft sensitive skin of your baby. If you choose to use in baby baths, then gel bath base is best so that agent can be dispersed well.

Essential oils that are naturally gentle are the most ideal when it comes to application on baby skin because then you won’t have to worry about irritations and other harms. The properties of the essential oil you are about to use should be examined carefully to determine how suitable it is for infant use. Getting your essential oils information from reliable, reputable sources is very important because it will give you confidence and assurance of your baby’s safety when you make the right oil choice. When using the best you will manage to have a calmer baby with improved appetite and better sleeping habits.

Chamomile – It is one of the better choices for infants, especially when the baby is teething. It soothed the gum and eases the irritation and pain that comes with the shooting teeth. A few drops of the oil dabbed on a washcloth and with an ice cube inside the cloth can be pat gently inside the gums for as long as the baby allows. This oil has a fragrance that is distinctive and it calms and soothes babies so you can make a massage blend to improve baby sleeping patterns. Few drops can also be used in the bath together with lavender to relax and soothe the baby.

Lavender – It also has calming and soothing effects that can help improve sleep for the baby at night. It can be used on a cotton cloth for inhaling to improve breathing or it can also be added to bath water to soothe the baby. Always remember to dilute the essential oils before using on the baby for safety and effectiveness.

Jojoba – It is mild and safe hence making it amongst the best for baby’s sensitive skin. Most baby care products actually have this as an ingredient because it nourishes the skin. You can use to soothe diaper rash and other skin irritations. It is so good that you can use it without worries even on your newborn.

Almond – This is another mild and safe oil you can use on your baby. Apart from giving your child a healthy glowing skin, the oils will also help in preventing different skin irritations the baby might be exposed to. Dilute the oil and then massage the baby’s body after bathing, especially in the morning.

Essential oils have long lists of benefits, but you must ensure that you always look at their potency before using especially for babies. Get as much information as possible before going ahead with using the oils.

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3 Ways To Fight Acne with Essential Oils

Acne outbreaks can affect people of all age groups and this is a skin problem many dread because apart from being painful it can be unsightly especially when it breaks out on the face. The back, arms and chest are the other areas that can be affected by acne and when left unchecked, it can lead to scarring and affect self-esteem. Some of the major causes of acne are the excessive production of oils from the skin, dead skin, bacteria, and clogged pores. Other factors that give rise to the skin condition include stress, diet, medications and hormones.

Essential oils are some of the best natural remedies for acne because they alleviate the factors such as stress and anxiety that are associated with acne. They also manage to keep hormone levels balanced and are gentle to the skin. You will manage to promote healthier skin and a healthier you on the overall when you choose the oils to treat acne. And there are different ways of using the oils for desired results.

Topical Application

It is one of the best methods of using the important oils to fight acne. You can directly apply a few drops of the oils to the affected areas without any concerns. However, carrier oils such as coconut and jojoba oils can be used. The best oils for acne are juniper berry, lavender, tea tree and clary sage and when used together with coconut or jojoba oils as carrier oils, you will not only get rid of the acne but you will enjoy added benefits such as a well hydrated skin and reduced skin lesions among others. Jojoba actually works as a cleanser and because it is rich in iodine it fights growth of harmful bacteria that can lead to the acne breakouts.

Face wash

Another way of using essential oils to clear acne is by making a face wash you can use to get clear skin. The face wash should contain probiotics so that you can kill the bacteria and invigorate the skin at the same time. You can use coconut oil, honey, apple cider vinegar, tea tree oil, essential oil and live probiotic capsules to make the face wash. After putting the ingredients together, blend them and store in a convenient bottle. You can then use the solution to wash your face on a daily basis to achieve clear skin after some time. The wash will provide the skin with nutrients and keep it hydrated and free from outbreaks.

Bar soap

Cleansing of the face is important when fighting acne but then you would have to be careful with the soap choice that you make. Using lavender essential oil, you can make homemade soap to hydrate the skin and fight acne. You will manage to kill the bacteria every time you use the soap. If you are not too sure about making the soap, then you can find ready lavender soap in the market that you can use to fight the outbreaks. To alleviate acne scars you can use a paste made of lavender oil, raw honey, tea tree oil and frankincense oil.

Acne is one of the many problems that essential oils can help eliminate. There is so much you can gain from the oils when you know which ones are best for what.

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Looking For Flawless Skin? 7 Essential Oils You Should Use

Every girl dreams of a flawless skin, but unfortunately there are so many factors that can come in the way of this. Diet and how you care for the skin of course play a role in how the skin looks but with so many beauty products available in the market, it can get confusing as to which ones are best and effective. The worst thing about the artificial beauty products that promise flawless skin is that most are not effective and could end up making the skin condition worse. To improve the quality of your skin and treat any skin issues you have, you might be better off considering essential oils that have all the good properties to fetch you that flawless skin you have been yearning for.

  1. Carrot seed oil

It is rarely mentioned, but this essential oil is very good in rejuvenating your skin and keeping it smooth by reducing fine lines and boosting cell regeneration. The oil fades scars and enhances skin tone and it therefore great oil even for those trying to reverse the signs of aging.

  1. Tea Tree oil

The abundance of anti-bacterial properties in the oil is what makes it popular, especially with skin issues such as acne. The properties eliminate bacteria that cause acne outbreaks and it also reduces the severity of the breakouts. Regular use of tea tree oil on the skin will eventually fetch you a beautiful flawless skin.

  1. Geranium oil

If you have oily skin, then this is the essential oil you should be looking forward to improve how your skin feels and looks. It has a number of benefits for the skin apart from regulating the production of oil in the skin. The other benefits you will get when using this oil include skin elasticity enhancement, reduction of wrinkles and their appearance, promotion of blood circulation where applied and healing of burns, broken capillaries, bruise, eczema, cuts and dermatitis among other conditions that affect the skin.

  1. Lavender oil

This popular essential oil will lighten the appearance of scars and spots on your skin and it also aids the regeneration of new skin cells fetching you a beautiful mature skin in the end. It is a very popular anti-aging oil and is suitable for all skin types to work on scarring, sun spots and wrinkles among other aging symptoms.

  1. Bergamot oil

It makes a great natural remedy for frequent acne and pimple breakouts because it has powerful antiviral properties that reduce bacteria on the skin, acne and oiliness that makes the breakouts worse.

  1. Lemon oil

This essential oil is just as versatile as lavender oil maybe because it works as a natural astringent and has very powerful antibacterial properties. It improves skin tone and reduces skin pores and is therefore a good choice if you have skin that is acne prone or skin that is oily.

  1. Myrrh oil

Its strong anti-inflammatory properties enhance the elasticity of the skin and also tone the skin. It reduces the formation of wrinkles and the appearance of aging related fine lines. If you are looking for a flawless skin and at the same time fighting aging, then this essential oil will not disappoint.

Essential oils have powerful properties that are good for the skin when used right. Get quality oils and ensure that you follow the usage guidelines to get satisfactory results with your skin.


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Essential Oils You Can Use At Home To Detox

Accumulation of toxins and wastes in the body can lead to very many health issues. Essential oils are some of the best natural products that you can use to detox and maintain a healthier body. Because the essential oils are best topically applied or inhaled and not suitable for ingesting, the skin and respiratory system are the top most beneficiaries. But considering that the skin is the largest organ in the body, other parts of the body stand to gain when you use the right essential oils for the right purposes. Below are some of the best essential oils you can safely use at home to detox to support good health.

Peppermint – If you have digestive disorders and respiratory system issues, then this is one of the best essential oils you can choose to use. You can inhale the oil or apply a few drops on the skin to enjoy the detox benefits.

Mandarin – It has antispasmodic, digestive, depurative, antiseptic and nervous relaxant properties. The essential oil also has sedative and tonic properties and they all help in boosting immunity and help in clearing old bad cells faster. Through sweat, urinary tract and digestive system, this oil helps in removing toxins from the body.

Grapefruit – The essential oil of grapefruit helps in flushing out unwanted toxins from the body. This it manages because it has limonene which is a substance that minimizes incidences of skin, colon, stomach, liver and also pancreatic cancers.

Rosemary – The antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antifungal and analgesic properties are what makes this essential oil great for detoxing. Apart from helping in clearing your body system, the oil also helps in boosting memory to assist learning and promote better insight. It should be aromatically used in a diffuser or topically applied for the benefits to be enjoyed.

Tea tree oil – It effectively detoxes the body because of the antiseptic, antimicrobial, antibacterial, antiviral and balsamic properties. It has so many other properties that make it among the best essential oils to promote better health.

Lemon – It is among the best in dealing with asthma, fever and stress disorders. Apart from easing stomach upset, the oil can also minimize cramps, relieve mental fatigue, nervousness and irritability.

Other essential oils that have proven to be beneficial in clearing your system of toxins are jatamansi oil, white thyme oil, juniper and laurel.

Using essential oils to detox

One of the best ways of using the essential oils to detox is by applying topically. Applying under the feet is one of the best considering that the feet have nerve points that touch on almost all other parts of the body. You can however also apply the essential oils in other skin areas depending on the effects that you wish to gather.

Adding the oils to your bath water is another good way to detox. You then soak in for several minutes to enjoy skin absorption and inhalation benefits too especially with warm bath water. With the help of a diffuser, the oils can also be inhaled to enjoy the benefits.

Essential oils have so many uses and benefits on health. Using the best, you can make some of the most helpful and effective home products to promote better health and improve beauty as well.

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3 Best Essential Oils For Relieving Acne

3 Best Essential Oils For Relieving Acne

There are so many over the counter medications and even prescriptions that people go for to fight acne. Unfortunately, most of these products have harsh chemicals that an end up making the problem worse by causing further irritation. Others simply do not work at all and only end up wasting your money. Natural remedies are the best because they are usually not just effective, but they do not have adverse side effects.

The natural remedies include essential oils that have the ability to deal with the acne from its root cause and at the same time being gentle to the skin.  Below are the top best oils for acne that soothe and keep the skin protected from stress and irritations that lead to acne.

  1. Clary sage

This essential oil has an ester known as linalyl acetate and it reduces acne. It also has the ability to regulate oil production by the skin, thus reducing outbreaks that result from excessive oil production. The oil hinders growth and spread of acne causing bacteria, support hormonal balance and alleviates anxiety and stress feelings. Considering that stress is major factor with acne especially in women because of increased cortisol levels, inhaling clary sage reduces the levels dealing with the stress issue head on. The oil can also be applied to the acne using a clean cotton ball, but should be diluted using coconut or jojoba oil before massaging to the skin.

  1. Juniper berry

The oil detoxifies the skin, protects it against toxins and supports beautiful skin. It also has stress reducing properties and will therefore help fight stress that it’s associated with acne breakouts. The oil can be topically used on the acne affected areas together with carrier oils of jojoba or coconut. At least two drops of the oil should be used twice daily to get rid of acne.

  1. Tea tree

It is one of the best remedy for acne. Many acne products in the market have it as an ingredient because of how effective it has proved to be in alleviating the skin condition. Apart from eliminating acne, it also helps in reducing lesions; it makes a great remedy for mild to moderate acne breakouts. A few drops of this essential oil can be placed onto a cotton ball and the rubbed topically to the affected areas. You can also use the drops on your body wash or face wash to enjoy the benefits. You will love your scar free skin after keeping up with the tea tree essential oil acne treatment.

Essential oils come with so many benefits and a smooth beautiful skin is one of these benefits. Get the right oils for the right purpose and you will achieve your desires.



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Homemade Acne Scar Removal Face Mask For Beautiful Skin

Acne is a very common skin condition that can be embarrassing and frustrating for many, especially women who love beautiful skin. Using the right remedies and adopting a good face cleansing routine, it is very possible to put your acne worries behind you. There are so many effective remedies you can use to get rid of painful, unsightly acne but the truth is most people are left with acne scars after the condition has improved.

Whereas some may feel comfortable even with the scars as long as the acne is gone, some can’t help worrying about the new problem at hand and wish to go further in diminishing the scars. Considering how sensitive the face can be, it is very important to select products that are gentle, especially if you are trying to get rid of the scars right after the acne has healed. It is for this reason why a homemade acne scar removal, face mask may be the best option over other topical creams that promise the same results but could contain harsh chemicals.

When treating acne, it is also advisable to choose a remedy that helps in reducing scarring during the healing process so you have a less tedious time trying to get rid of the scars. By addressing clogged pores, excess oil production, diet, bacteria, stress and hormonal imbalances, you will be in a better position to keep acne under control. But if you are already looking for a remedy to eliminate acne scars, this simple homemade recipe might be all you need.

What you need

For this acne scar removal face mask, tea tree oil, frankincense and helichrysum essential oils are best. They have antibacterial, antifungal, antiseptic and antimicrobial properties that make them very good in dealing with the scars. They also have the ability to exfoliate the skin and promote production of new skin cells, eliminating the acne scars in the process. The essential oils will reduce scarring and will actually be very soothing to the face.

Other ingredients that you need for the face mask are honey as mask binding agent, and is also beneficial to the skin, lemon juice that brightens the skin diminishing the scars and olive oil to keep the skin moisturized.


Take a clean jar and add 3 tablespoons of lemon juice, 2 tablespoons olive oil and 3 tablespoons of honey and combine thoroughly.

Add 10 drops of tea tree essential oil, 10 of frankincense essential oil and 8 drops of helichrysum essential oil and stir to mix thoroughly.

You can keep the mask in the jar or transfer to another preferred container.

Directions of use

Apply the essential oil face mask daily, allowing it to sit for about 15 minutes before washing off thoroughly.

Use the mask for at least 8 days and then discontinue use for a period of time before resuming.

If you have any discomfort, discontinue daily applications and skip some days. If it persists, then completely discontinue the application and try a gentler remedy for your skin type.



Purely was started by a group of successful professionals with a simple mission: “Make a positive difference in the lives of our customers and advisors as well as those we come into contact with”.  Purely sells essential oil/ healthy living products through a party plan/direct sales channel.

5 Most Popular Essential Oils

Essential oils have penetrated into various fields today. In the olden days, these oils were used only for aromatherapy or for treating physical ailments. Today, the scope of these highly effective essential oils has widened so much that we find them being used almost in all our daily tasks. Some of these oils are considered to be safe for new-born babies and pets as well. A few rare oils can also be consumed internally to treat various kinds of disorders. With a wide variety of applications and types of these oils, you have to be aware of some of the most popular oils that we use on a regular basis and their characteristics. Read on to know more about this.

  1. Bergamot

Though this oil has its roots in South East Asia, it is found in plenty in Italy. This oil has a citrus flavour and is extracted as a result of fruit rind pressing. One of the most common applications of this oil is in making perfumes. It is one of the most popular aromatherapy oils available in the market. Extracted from the fruit of the Citrus Bergamia tree, this oil should be diluted before being used anywhere, as it can burn one’s skin if applied directly.

  1. Chamomile

This relaxing essential oil is extracted from the leaves of the Chamomile plant as a result of  steam distillation process. When you look for these oils in the stores, you may come across two types in these – Roman Chamomile and German Chamomile. Both of these types have almost similar characteristics. You read the instructions carefully while using these oils as most of these types are prohibited for use by pregnant women.

  1. Jasmine

This oil is considered to be quite expensive because it is extracted from the Jasminum grandiflorum, which is grown only in some parts of China. Jasmine oil is known for its exotic fragrance. Hundreds of thousands of jasmine flowers are subject to solvent extraction method in a phased manner to produce about one ounce of jasmine oil. Due to the rare nature of this plant and the complexity of extraction procedures, this is one of the most expensive oils in the market today.

  1. Lemon

Lemon oil is another popular essential oil that we use for our mental and physical health, aromatherapy, beauty treatments and various household uses. When the fruits of Citrus Limonum tree are peeled through cold expression methodology, lemon oil is extracted.  The most significant feature of this oil is its aroma.

  1. Lavender

This is one of the most common yet one of the most useful essential oils that we use on a daily basis for a variety of purposes. Lavender flowers undergo steam distillation process after which we can extract lavender oil from them. It is one of the most ancient oils and has been used from time immemorial for relaxation of mind, body and soul. One of the major highlights of this oil is that it is suitable for people of all age groups. There have been only rare instances where people have reported allergic reactions due to the use of this oil.

Beginner’s Guide To Essential Oils

Essential oils are thick concentrates prepared from plant extracts. There is a world of difference between these oils and the other therapeutic or wellness oils that are available in the market today. You must have read a lot on the Internet about the uses of original essential oils and how much it helps in the overall physical and mental wellbeing of a person. Most of us refrain from using essential oils because we are not very clear about the oils that suit us and our requirements. In this article, we look at some important information like things that beginners should know before using essential oils and some of the common types of oils that work great for them.

What should first-time users know about essential oils?

There are many adulterated options of essential oils available in the stores. Never pay a huge sum of money for fake products. You will not get any benefit from these fake oils. First-time and all kinds of users of essential oils should buy the right quality of oils from a reliable supplier to avoid regrets and disappointments later on.

You should buy essential oils that are sold in darkened glass bottles, as this is the right way of packaging them. By storing them in a dark glass bottle, suppliers protect the oils from getting contaminated from the harsh UV rays of the sun.

Check for labels thoroughly and buy only those oils that have their Latin names and common names written against them. This way, you can ensure that you are buying the right oil and investing your money in the right product that is in line with your requirements.

Essential Oils suitable for beginners

Listed below are some of the important essential oils that are apt for beginners.

  • Clove
  • Chamomile
  • Lavender
  • Ginger
  • Peppermint
  • Eucalyptus
  • Frankincense
  • Lemon
  • Tea-tree
  • Grapefruit
  • Rosemary
  • Sandalwood

For each of the above mentioned oils, you need to do careful research and find the Latin name of these oils, so that you can dwell deeper and find out how daily application of these oils would fulfil the purpose for which these oils were purchased for.

Beginners can get easily exploited at times. Therefore, develop your subject knowledge in this area. Have a thorough idea on the positive and negative impacts of each of these oils, how they need to be applied, frequency of application and many more. When you don’t spend enough research in the initial stages, you will face lots of disappointments and complications later on.

Choose your suppliers carefully. Have a detailed discussion with an expert like an aroma therapist and gather information about the authorised suppliers of these oils in your locality. Always place your orders with these suppliers and never resort to agents or online shopping sites, as you can get cheated at these places. In rare cases, a doctor may advise you to consume essential oils as part of your treatment. In these cases, you need to be very strict while consuming these oils as you run the risk of suffering from severe ailments even if you consume one additional drop than what was recommended for you.

Can Essential Oils Be Used For Babies?

You must have noticed how essential oils are being used in so many fields around you, in your day to day life. There are so many varieties of these oils and each of them has peculiar properties which makes them the best for a particular kind of application. We know that these oils can be used as part of aromatherapy, internal consumption, topical application and external uses. We also know that these oils are priced quite high and that we need to invest a lot of time and effort in deciding the oil that we want to purchase for ourselves. If you have a baby at home, you might be tempted to introduce your kid to the goodness of these oils. However, you need to remember that babies have very sensitive skin and they will not be able to bear the grunt/allergies of essential oils when applied directly. When it comes to essential oils and babies, there are two points that you need to remember always. They are:

  1. You should never give essential oils for babies for internal consumption.
  2. You should always dilute essential oils with other oils before using them for your kids.
  3. Essential oils are not recommended for babies 3 months or lower.

On this note, let us look at some basic information regarding applying essential oils on babies:

  1. When you mix essential oils in the water while bathing your kid, never pour the oil directly into the water. Always, mix it with a carrier oil or base oil to form a thin diluted solution and then mix this in the water. Never allow this solution to touch your baby’s face, eyes or nose areas, as it can cause instant irritation and skin rashes for your kid. Coconut, olive, almond, avocado and all other delicate oils prove to be greater carrier oils for essential oils.
  2. Refrain from using essential oils if your kids are prone to bronchitis, respiratory infections or other problems like Asthma. The aroma and characteristics of these oils can aggravate respiratory ailments, doing more harm than good for your kids.
  3. If your kid has accidentally consumed essential oils, do not induce vomiting in him/her. You have to seek medical help immediately. While explaining to your doctor about the problem, you should clearly state the type of essential oil that your kid swallowed, so that it aids the doctor in diagnosing your kid’s condition in a better way.

Some oils that are good for kids aged between 3 and 6 months

  • Roman Chamomile (Anthemis Nobilis)
  • German Chamomile (Matricaria rectutita)
  • Lavender (Lavendula angustifolia)
  • Blue Yarrow (Archillea millefolium)

Some oils that work on kids aged between 6 months and 2 years

  • Bergamot (Citrus Bergamia)
  • Cedar wood (Cedrus Atlantica, Cedrus deodara, Juniperus Virginiana)
  • Coriander (Coriandrum Sativum)
  • Grapefruit (Citrus Paradisi)
  • Lemon (Citrus Limon)
  • Palma Rosa (Cymbopogon martini)

Of the many oils that are suitable for kids under 2 years, only a few are mentioned in this list. It is recommended to check with your kid’s paediatrician and then take a calculated decision about your choice of oil.

Reduce Dandruff Naturally With Essential Oils

If you experience dead skin shedding from your scalp, then you could be affected by dandruff.  It is also important to note that people with irritated oily skin can also have dandruff. When fungus proliferates the scalp, then skin cells start to die faster than usual. Luckily, there are very good essential oils you can use to attack the fungi, excessive oil secretion, and dryness.

Lavender oil is one of the best essential oils you can use for the natural treatment of dandruff. The oil makes a gentle moisturizer.

Patchouli oil is another great moisturizer for dandruff and the best thing about this essential oil is that you do not even have to use a carrier oil to enjoy the benefits.

Tea tree oil kills the fungus that causes dandruff and it also reduces itchiness and oiliness by a huge percent. It  works very well in promoting wound healing.

Chamomile oil can be applied to the scalp.

Other very good essential oils that can be used to reduce dandruff naturally are cinnamon, thyme, lemongrass, peppermint, eucalyptus and citrus oils.

How to use essential oils for dandruff

Topical application – This application means you apply the oil directly onto the scalp and sometimes it might even be better to let the oil stay overnight before you wash off in the morning. If you have a greasy scalp, then massage a few drops of essential oils of tea tree oil and lemon mixed with carrier oil. If the scalp is not as greasy, then you can use a few drops of patchouli and lavender mixed with a tablespoon of carrier oil. If you decide to leave the oil overnight, then use a towel over the pillow.

Hair rinse – The rinse method is faster than the topical application because you simply need to rinse the hair like you normally do when washing your hair. Traces of the essential oils will be left on the hair and you continue to enjoy the benefits of the oil you have chosen to treat dandruff. Add a few drops of the essential oils such as tea tree to every liter of water you use. Lemon oil regulates oils, whereas the tea tree will attack, inflammation and fungi. For an oily scalp, then chamomile and lavender make better oils. You can then use the water to rinse your hair and scalp.

Shampoo – There are shampoos out there that have essential oils as part of their ingredients and you can use them as well to treat dandruff. The shampoos should be used just like the normal hair shampoos but you should start by finding out the cause of your dandruff to select the most suitable shampoo.


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