Can Essential Oils Be Used For Babies?

You must have noticed how essential oils are being used in so many fields around you, in your day to day life. There are so many varieties of these oils and each of them has peculiar properties which makes them the best for a particular kind of application. We know that these oils can be used as part of aromatherapy, internal consumption, topical application and external uses. We also know that these oils are priced quite high and that we need to invest a lot of time and effort in deciding the oil that we want to purchase for ourselves. If you have a baby at home, you might be tempted to introduce your kid to the goodness of these oils. However, you need to remember that babies have very sensitive skin and they will not be able to bear the grunt/allergies of essential oils when applied directly. When it comes to essential oils and babies, there are two points that you need to remember always. They are:

  1. You should never give essential oils for babies for internal consumption.
  2. You should always dilute essential oils with other oils before using them for your kids.
  3. Essential oils are not recommended for babies 3 months or lower.

On this note, let us look at some basic information regarding applying essential oils on babies:

  1. When you mix essential oils in the water while bathing your kid, never pour the oil directly into the water. Always, mix it with a carrier oil or base oil to form a thin diluted solution and then mix this in the water. Never allow this solution to touch your baby’s face, eyes or nose areas, as it can cause instant irritation and skin rashes for your kid. Coconut, olive, almond, avocado and all other delicate oils prove to be greater carrier oils for essential oils.
  2. Refrain from using essential oils if your kids are prone to bronchitis, respiratory infections or other problems like Asthma. The aroma and characteristics of these oils can aggravate respiratory ailments, doing more harm than good for your kids.
  3. If your kid has accidentally consumed essential oils, do not induce vomiting in him/her. You have to seek medical help immediately. While explaining to your doctor about the problem, you should clearly state the type of essential oil that your kid swallowed, so that it aids the doctor in diagnosing your kid’s condition in a better way.

Some oils that are good for kids aged between 3 and 6 months

  • Roman Chamomile (Anthemis Nobilis)
  • German Chamomile (Matricaria rectutita)
  • Lavender (Lavendula angustifolia)
  • Blue Yarrow (Archillea millefolium)

Some oils that work on kids aged between 6 months and 2 years

  • Bergamot (Citrus Bergamia)
  • Cedar wood (Cedrus Atlantica, Cedrus deodara, Juniperus Virginiana)
  • Coriander (Coriandrum Sativum)
  • Grapefruit (Citrus Paradisi)
  • Lemon (Citrus Limon)
  • Palma Rosa (Cymbopogon martini)

Of the many oils that are suitable for kids under 2 years, only a few are mentioned in this list. It is recommended to check with your kid’s paediatrician and then take a calculated decision about your choice of oil.

Homemade Lavender Essential Oil Soothing Scalp Mask

Scalp issues can be frustrating for real. Nothing can be worse than having a dry and irritated and dandruff ridden scalp, especially when you are trying hard to concentrate. The itchy issues can leave you frustrated and unfortunately shampoos that promise good results with the issues seem to offer only temporary results. You also really cannot rely on the shampoos that have chemical ingredients because even as they benefit one part, they will have negative effects on the other.

It is not always given that that dandruff shampoo or moisturizer will deliver the kind of results you expect to your scalp. The products can also be quite expensive, especially with the constant use required for results to be seen. With very little money, you can make your own scalp soothing mask to deal with the frustration. Lavender essential oil seems to be the best choice for this homemade scalp mask together with a few other ingredients that will soothe and moisturize the scalp offering you relief in the process.

What you need

Lavender essential oil – It is probably the most popular of all essential oils and is featured in so many products because of its amazing natural properties. When it comes to skin issues, it is the best oil that you can choose. This is because it has antifungal and antibacterial properties. It soothes and calms irritations and at the same time also stimulates the flow of blood to the skin taking care of a number of skin issues. You will love what the essential oil can do for your itchy scalp.

Aloe Vera gel – It is rich in anti-inflammatories. The components that make the gel best for the scalp mask are Vitamin E and B-sitosterol. The gel is also a natural moisturizer and its lightweight nature makes it suitable for the mask and other products alike.

Vegetable glycerin – The glycerin acts as natural humectant. This means that it has the ability to draw moisture to the skin, improving dryness that is associated with itchy scalps. The ingredient is also hypo-allergenic and it increases the ability for the skin to absorb oxygen improving the scalp condition in the process.


  • It is a simple product to make at home. Simply add 2 tablespoons of the best quality aloe Vera gel, 2 tablespoons of vegetable glycerin and 10 drops of lavender essential oil.
  • Blend the ingredient together and then pour the mask into an airtight jar.
  • You can store the scalp mask in your fridge to prolong shelf life and for that extra relieving coolness with every use.

Use directions

Apply the mask onto irritated spots on the scalp or over your entire scalp. Massage and rub the mask using fingertips and them leave it overnight. You can then wash it off in the morning.

The mask is immediately soothing and a few uses will make a huge difference for your scalp and hair too.

You can use according to what your itchy, dry scalp demands or until you have enjoyed complete relief.




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Essential Oils You Can Use To Improve Quality Of Life

Health is the most important thing you can have in life because when you are healthy, then you can take care of anything else. Fortunately, there are so many approaches you can use to improve the quality of life that you live today. Incorporating essential oils into your life is among the best approaches you can use to take care of minor issues in your life and to generally uplift your life. The natural oils have so many beneficial properties that boost good health and when you have some of these oils handy, you can reduce the trips you make to the drug store.

Eucalyptus – The essential oils are quite beneficial in stopping sniffles because its scent reduces head pressure and stuffy nose. A few drops in warm water is all you need to stop sniffle. You can dip a towel and drape it over the head so that you can deep breathe the oil.

Black pepper – If you are trying to quit smoking, then this is the essential oil you should go for. This oil works by irritating the back part of the throat, which is a sensation that most smokers miss and hence it manages to reduce cigarette cravings.

Sweet orange – This and other citrus essential oils are great in quelling anxiety. If you are facing a situation that is leaving you all tensed and anxious, inhaling the oil will calm your nerves and help you keep your cool.

Lavender – With this oil handy, you can soothe cuts at home and also ease premenstrual syndrome, especially the painful cramps around the abdomen. You can also use the oil to aid better sleep because it increases brain alpha waves that are associated with deep sleep and relaxation.

Cedar wood – The essential oil will prove beneficial if you suffer from skin irritation and hair loss. It soothes the scalp and promotes hair growth and when used together with coconut oil it can soothe eczema. You can make an effective blend using lavender, thyme and rosemary.

Lemon – It is among essential oils that have a long list of benefits. This is because the fragrance normalizes hormone levels and will awaken that happy feeling within you.

Ginger – You can use this essential oil to alleviate nausea which can make it impossible for you to enjoy life and get things done.

Grapefruit – If you are trying to curb your appetite, probably for weight loss, then this should be the essential oil to go for. The oil has shown the ability to inhibit gastric nerve thus dulling hunger sensation.

Different essential oils have different effects on your health and the truth is that each and every one of them has a long list of benefits you can enjoy.

The best thing about essential oils is that they are natural and safe to use, but it should be remembered that they need to be diluted before use because their high concentrations can irritate the skin.

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Homemade Essential Oils Body Wash For Men

Women seem to be most concerned about beauty and good personal care, but the fact is that a good number of men also care about how they look and smell for that matter. There are so many products designed for men and most tend to be stronger than those of women because of how they are created naturally. Body wash is among the products that you can find in the market for man and they are created using different ingredients.

If you are not careful with the products you buy, they could end up drying the skin or harming it in other different ways. If you are a man looking for soothing, gentle body wash or a wife who wants the best for her husband, you can try making a homemade body wash using the best essential oils and other simple but effective ingredients.

The ingredients

The essential oils – When it comes to the body wash for men, there are a number of essential oils that you can select. The best masculine scented oils are lemongrass, cedar wood, lavender, clary sage, patchouli and sweet orange essential oils. Apart from offering masculine scents that men are bound to love, the essential oils are also gentle on the skin and keep it clean and healthy. You can try different combinations until you find a blend that you love for the body wash.

Epsom salt – This is an important ingredient for the body wash because it gives the soap longer shelf life. You will also need salt to help in preserving the soap.

Coconut oil or almond oil – They make amazing carrier oils for the body wash and they also act as natural moisturizers for the skin. You can decide to use one or a mix of the two for your homemade body wash.

Other ingredients needed for the soap are castile liquid soap and distilled water.

Essential oil combinations

The best way to find out what body wash you like most would be to try a few combinations to make a few batches, then you can decide to stick to one or alternate between them. Try combining 20 drops lemongrass essential oil and 10 drops cedar wood essential oil for the first batch. The next combination you can try is 15 drops lavender essential oil, 10 drops patchouli and 5 drops clary sage essential oil. The last possible combinations for the essential oil body wash can be 10 drops patchouli essential oil, 10 drops lavender and 10 drops sweet orange essential oil. The mixtures make strong and nice scents. If you would rather make less strong body wash, then use fewer drops of your favorite essential oils.


Add 1 cup castile liquid soap in ½ cup distilled water.

Add a cup of almond or coconut oil and mix thoroughly, then add 1 teaspoon of salt as preservative.

Add 1 tablespoon of Epsom salt and then add your preferred essential oil combination.

Whip thoroughly to blend completely and then pour your body wash in appropriate containers.


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What Are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are those that are extracted from various parts of a plant or tree. These are pure oils that need to be diluted with other vegetable oils or coconut oil before being used for various applications. Their aroma and other characteristics have helped these oils play a huge role in various applications like beauty treatments, wellness treats, overall physical and emotional well-being, household uses, aroma therapies and various other categories.  When you are using essential oils for any of these uses, you need to be clear about the following basic concepts:

Methods of extraction

There are lots of methods in which essential oils are extracted. Steam distillation is one of the most common and authentic methods of all.  Other methods of extraction are enfleurage, expressed oils, solvent extraction, fractional distillation, carbon dioxide extraction and phytonic process. Most of these methods involve introduction of solvents or other chemicals to the oils, thereby disturbing its originality. Always opt for the ones that are naturally distilled with the help of steam treatments.

Application of essential oils

Essential oils are used in various applications today. While it is tough to mention all the departments in this article, we can list four main categories of application of these oils. These cover almost all the areas where these oils are used. The categories are aroma therapy, topical, internal and external. In the first category, these oils are used mainly for their excellent smells as room fresheners, deodorizers, perfumes and the like. In the second, they are used topically for applying on the skin in its diluted form mostly. In the third and rare category, few essential oils are consumed as part of medical treatments. The fourth category is where these oils are used for various external, household purposes like stain-removing, insect repellent, fabric conditioner and more.

Cost of essential oils

You would have noticed that essential oils (all types) are quite steeply priced. This is because some of the plants that go into making these oils are quite rare and are grown in certain countries only. Oils that are extracted from common plants are also priced in the higher range. This is because of two main factors – a) it requires a large quantity of plants to produce just one ounce of essential oil and b) the distillation and oil extraction procedures are quite complex and requires a great deal of patience for you to see the oil floating on top.

Buying the right kind of oils

With a sea of choices available for you in the market, it can get quite challenging when it comes to choosing the exact oil that is intended for your requirement. You need to have a clear understanding of the common oils, their characteristics, applications and ingredients, so that you can make a qualified judgement on your choice or choices of oils. These oils require a huge investment.  Therefore, never buy them, unless you are absolutely sure as to where and how you will be using them.  Do considerable research and buy oils that are extracted from organic or wild-crafted plants as this way, you can be sure that your oils would not be impacted by toxic fertilisers.


Prepare Your Workout With Essential Oils

Workouts are supposed to be as productive as possible and how prepared you are determines how long you last and the results the session actually fetches you. Aromatherapy can help you get prepared for every session. This is the use of essential oils that are got from natural plant extracts and the scents work great for your mind and body. The essential oils will not only get you energized for the exercises, but will also help you relax after the session. This means that apart from using the oils to prepare for your workout, you can use them during and after the session. Below are a few tips on how you can use the beneficial oils to get ready for your exercises.

  1. Add rosemary and lavender essential oils to lotion, water or grape seed oil and then apply to the skin. It is always important to dilute essential oils, especially before topically applying to keep reactions at bay. If you want to avoid using directly onto the skin, try using the oils in a diffuser before you work out to lift your moods and spirits and heighten your energy levels.


  1. Mix peppermint, eucalyptus, palmarosa, and geranium and rosemary oils and fill in a spray bottle. After properly mixing the oils, spray all exposed skin areas and allow the scents to dry and the oils to get absorbed into the skin as you stretch, drink your water and prepare for the session. These essential oils are great in improving your moods and will help you maintain a positive attitude throughout the workout. They are energizing scents that will do you good.


  1. Make concentrated massage oil made of grape seed oil and at least 10 eucalyptus oil drops. This is a great blend for those who suffer from asthma because the essential oil of eucalyptus helps in opening the airways and promoting good circulation so you last longer and suffer less even with intense exercises. The oil can be applied to the throat, temples and neck and should be left to dry before you start the workout. You can save the rest of the massage oil in small plastic bottles and ensure that the cap is tightly replaced so you can use next time. It is important to shake the oil thoroughly before applying.


  1. Create a blend of rosemary, lavender, black pepper, peppermint, geranium and orange essential oils. You can add to grape seed oil before applying to muscles that are naturally susceptible to exhaustion and soreness during exercise. The oil should be rubbed gently and the muscles stretched before starting the exercises so you remain protected from workout pains that are common with intense exercises.

When you apply the lotions, sprays or oils, you should let them soak into the skin before you begin your exercises so you do not sweat them out too early in the workout session. Grape seed makes good oil for the workout blends because it rarely is an allergen compared to other oils like coconut, walnut and almond which can affect those with food and nut allergies.


Aromatherapy can be very beneficial at any stage of a workout, but you should ensure that you get the best oils and use them appropriately to get the desired effects.

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5 Essential Oils To Improve Your Focus And Memory

Essential oils have been in use for hundreds of years, but they now seem to be more popular. More people are embracing essential oils because of their many benefits, especially for beauty and boosting health. The oils are today found in almost all beauty products including shampoos, soaps and lotions. When inhaled, the essential oils can help improve memory and can also boost your focus. Mental health plays a major role in overall health and the better you are mentally the better you will be on all other areas. Below are some of the best essential oils you can use to improve memory and focus.

Rosemary – It has a camphorous sharp scent and it enhances proscriptive memory. If you want to remember things that are supposed to be done in the near future, then this is the oil that will help you do just that. You will have an easier time recalling schedules when you use this oil and you can simply rub a few drops to the palms in the morning as you go through the day’s schedule. A few drops used in a bath before going to bed also helps in waking you up rejuvenated.

Cyprus – This oil has an evergreen scent and a subtle fragrance and it helps in increasing concentration. It is not that pungent and you therefore can diffuse it in your home or at the work place work area so you are able to concentrate more and achieve good results with the tasks at hand.

Basil – The essential oil has a refreshing and sweet scent and it can help ameliorate fatigue that induces distraction and poor memory. You can use the oil when preparing for a big presentation or before a late night study session. It can be inhaled deeply or diffused near the study area so that the effectiveness of the essential oil is increased.

Sage – This essential oil is a stimulant and it can be used to boost the senses early in the morning. The oil can be pared with black pepper or lemon oil as complementary scents that will enhance memory and help you start the morning routine on a high note.

Peppermint – The fragrant, spicy scent of the essential oil will help you kick start the day on a high without using caffeine. You will feel more alert and have an easier time waking up when using this oil. It wakes the mind, focuses the senses and at the same time improves memory. Peppermint essential oil also comes with the additional benefit of soothing headaches, especially when trying to break free from morning caffeine routine you might have.

Memory and focus are very important in keeping you organized and making it easy for you to achieve goals you have set. By incorporating essential oils into your life, it will be easier for you to get tasks done and actually getting the results that you expect. There are so many ways of using the essential oils with diffusing, inhaling and topical rubs being some of the best.

Essential oils can be used in different ways to improve life. Find out what essential oils are best for what and then learn how to safely use them to get the results that you expect.

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Fight Cellulite With This Simple Homemade Essential Oil Cream

Cellulite can be unsightly, especially if you are a woman who values how she looks. There are so many circumstances that can lead to the development of cellulite and among them is a pregnancy, which also happens to be the most amazing processes of human existence. The truth about cellulite is that it can be stubborn, even when you follow a healthy diet and engage in the best exercises that you can find. In most cases you will need something to help you reduce the bumpy appearance.

The market has so many beauty creams that promise to deliver the expected results in no time at all. The only challenge with the products is that most have harsh chemicals that could lead to side effects. If you are not willing to put your health at any sort of risk, then it is always a better option to try and make a safe and effective product right from home. Pure essential oils and other simple natural ingredients make it possible for you to make all sorts of products, among them a cellulite cream that will prove beneficial in the end.

What you need

This home recipe is among the simplest you can choose. It only requires three ingredients and only a few minutes to put together to start enjoying good results on your cellulite.

Lemon essential oil – The oil is very important in the cream because it improves microcirculation and at the same time it helps in flushing out wastes from the cells. This essential oil is a natural detoxifier and a powerful antioxidant for that matter. It additionally is uplifting and invigorating.

Peppermint essential oil – It is the anti-inflammatory properties of the essential oil that makes it a great selection for the cellulite cream. Apart from this, it is also a good remedy for itchy skin, eczema and varicose veins. It is also a digestive aid and an energy booster. This means that apart from benefiting areas that are cellulite affected, you enjoy additional benefits from the cream.

Pure organic coconut oil – The oil of course acts as a carrier oil for the essential oils, but it also is a natural skin moisturizer. It is what makes the cream easy to apply and effective enough on the cellulite.


  • Take a glass bowl and add a cup of the pure organic coconut out.
  • Add in 15 drops of lemon essential oil and 5 drops of peppermint essential oil.
  • Mix the ingredient thoroughly using a metal whisk until you have a whipped cream appearance.
  • Pour it out in a container and tightly replace the lid.

Directions of use

Apply the cellulite cream in the morning and after showers to enjoy the best results. It may not be a very good idea to use at night because apparently it gives lots of energy and bathroom trips that can interfere with your sleep.

After applying, let it soak into the skin before wearing your clothes. It is a cream that can also prove useful for softening calluses, eliminating foot fungus, and dealing with varicose veins too.



Purely was started by a group of successful professionals with a simple mission: “Make a positive difference in the lives of our customers and advisors as well as those we come into contact with”.  Purely sells essential oil/ healthy living products through a party plan/direct sales channel.

Are Your Essential Oils Original?

Lots of people are using essential oils these days. With increased awareness about the types and applications of these oils, there are lots of fake products in the market to lure interested users. If you want to buy these oils for your personal use or for use in various kinds of applications, you should ensure that they are 100% original. Lots of duplicate oils are available in the market; therefore, you need to do detailed research to check the authenticity of these oils. Here are some important points that you need to watch out for while checking if your essential oils are original or duplicate.

  1. Bottle colour

Pure essential oils will be packed only in glass bottles that are dark in shade. This is to protect exposure of these oils to the harmful UV rays of the sun.  Dark blue or amber glasses are the best for storing essential oils. With respect to the container, there are two things that you need to watch out for – a) check if it is glass or plastic and b) check if it is dark-coloured glass. Plastic bottles have the potential to contaminate the natural ingredients in the essential oils; so you should never buy such oils.

  1. Price

Essential oils are quite steeply priced. If you find oils that are being sold at throwaway prices, it should ring an alarm bell in your mind. Original oils are made from extracts of plants. It takes a large amount of plants to prepare a single bottle of essential oil. Therefore, the steep price is justified.  Oils like lavender, sweet orange and rosemary are quite reasonably priced when compared to the exotic and high-priced varieties like jasmine, rose, chamomile, helichrysum and lemon balm.

  1. Appearance

Original essential oils do not leave behind oily patches on paper, because they are not heavy or do not have a thick consistency. However, some oils like German chamomile, sandalwood, vetiver and patachouli oils are thicker in consistency, so they do tend to leave a slight patch when you pour a drop on a piece of white paper. Except for these oils, all other pure essentials don’t leave any patches at all. This is a simple test that you can do when you buy oils other than the thicker varieties mentioned above.

  1. Mode of cultivation

Essential oils are used for naturopathy, aromatherapy and therapeutic purposes in general. Therefore, you should use oils made from plants that are not exposed to pesticides. Organic varieties are the best. Organic plants are grown or cultivated in the most natural way, without being exposed to any chemical ingredients or toxic fertilisers. Check the bottle of essential oil if you find the word, “organic”.  You can also buy wild-crafted essential oils. These are oils that are naturally harvested in the wild instead of being cultivated in a farm.

These tips will act as guidance for you to check If your essential oils are original or not.  By following these tips, you can be sure that you are putting your money in the right product.


What You Need To Know About Essential Oils

What is essential oil?

Essential oils are liquids extracted from plants. These volatile liquids carry concentrated aroma compounds of the plants. Essential oils normally are complex mixture of thousands of aroma compounds. The word essential is used because they contain distinctive aroma or essence of that plant.

Essential oils are usually known as the oil of plant they are extracted from. Essential oils are liquids which have important cosmetics and medicinal uses. These oils can be extracted by using a variety of methods; distillation is the most common method while solvent extraction and expression are also used.

There are various kinds of essential oils which are extracted from different parts of the plants like seeds, leaves, stems and flowers. Plants use different natural compounds to grow, to avoid diseases and for protection against pests and harsh environment. Natural compounds found in these plants are also beneficial to humans. They are miniscule in molecular size so they are absorbed by skin quite easily.

The scent and the precious natural compound present in the essential oils means they are used for many purposes. Most of these oils can last for at least 5-10 years without losing their properties. They are very concentrated so few drops are used for most medicinal and cosmetics purposes. Their durability and concentration make them a bit expensive but they are worth every cent. There are three grades of essential oils present; therapeutic grade, food grade and perfume grade. Therapeutic grade oils are best in quality and thus the most expensive.

Essential Oils Extraction

For centuries, humans are using plants for many purposes. Essential oils are the liquids extracted from the plants and they are used for several purposes ranging from perfumes to medicine. These oils can be extracted from the plants using different methods. Nowadays, four methods are commonly known for the extraction of essential oils. These methods are distillation, solvent extraction, expression and CO2 extraction.

Expression is the simplest and the most environment friendly of these methods. In this method, liquids are extracted by simply pressing the specific plant part such as petal, fruit, leave or root. Expressed essential oils are generally the most volatile ones.

Another method of extraction which is quite different from expression is solvent extraction. This method is usually used for flower petals. In this method the plant material is dipped or washed in a solvent dissolving its volatile extracts. Then the solvent bath is heated leaving behind a crystallized substance. The oils created from these crystallized substances are known as absolutes.

CO2 extraction is a relatively modern method. This method is not very common because oils produced are thicker, less fragrant and do not blend well.

The most common method used for thousands of years for extraction of essential oils is distillation. The quality and properties of the oil extracted by this method depends on a number of factors including plant materials used, steam density, temperature and shape of distillation apparatus used. In this method, steam is pushed through plant material making it release its precious oils. The vaporized oils and steam are condensed and separated through the process. Temperature should be kept as low as possible so that oil does not lose its properties and aroma. Increasing temperature to a great extent can make oil therapeutically completely ineffective. The quality of extracted essential oil can be tested by scientific methods such as gas chromatography.

Essential Oils Safety

There are many benefits of essential oils but you should follow certain guidelines to ensure safety of yourselves and your family while using them. You should never intake these oils without recommendations from certified medical personnel or aroma therapist.

You should always keep these oils away from the reach of children and take great care when using them on children. Pregnant women should avoid using any of essential oils. If you are a patient and are using medication, always seek your doctor’s advice as some oils can interfere with the medicines or deteriorate your medical condition. Read about the oil you are taking internally and ensure that they are safe to ingest.

For application on skin, always ensure that the essential oil is diluted with a suitable carrier oil or liquid. People with sensitive skin should always do a skin patch test before usage. Some oils should not be applied before going out as they can cause rash when exposed to sun. Avoid applying these oils on skin near eyes as they cause irritation and can even damage your eyes. Wear gloves while handling concentrated essential oils and wash your hands properly afterwards.

Some oils are extremely flammable; you should try to keep them away from a potential spark. Essential oils are volatile; you should keep them in an air-tight container. The majority of oils are also sensitive of temperature and light, try to keep them in a dark and cool place.

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