How To Prepare For Workout With Aromatherapy

How To Prepare For Workout With Aromatherapy

Workouts are supposed to be as productive as possible and how prepared you are determines how long you last and the results the session actually fetches you. Aromatherapy can help you get prepared for every session. This is the use of essential oils that are got from natural plant extracts and the scents work great for your mind and body. The essential oils will not only get you energized for the exercises, but will also help you relax after the session. This means that apart from using the oils to prepare for your workout, you can use them during and after the session. Below are a few tips on how you can use the beneficial oils to get ready for your exercises.

  1. Add rosemary and lavender essential oils to lotion, water or grape seed oil and then apply to the skin. It is always important to dilute essential oils, especially before topically applying to keep reactions at bay. If you want to avoid using directly onto the skin, try using the oils in a diffuser before you work out to lift your moods and spirits and heighten your energy levels.
  2. Mix peppermint, eucalyptus, palmarosa, and geranium and rosemary oils and fill in a spray bottle. After properly mixing the oils, spray all exposed skin areas and allow the scents to dry and the oils to get absorbed into the skin as you stretch, drink your water and prepare for the session. These essential oils are great in improving your moods and will help you maintain a positive attitude throughout the workout. They are energizing scents that will do you good.
  3. Make concentrated massage oil made of grape seed oil and at least 10 eucalyptus oil drops. This is a great blend for those who suffer from asthma because the essential oil of eucalyptus helps in opening the airways and promoting good circulation so you last longer and suffer less even with intense exercises. The oil can be applied to the throat, temples and neck and should be left to dry before you start the workout. You can save the rest of the massage oil in small plastic bottles and ensure that the cap is tightly replaced so you can use next time. It is important to shake the oil thoroughly before applying.
  4. Create a blend of rosemary, lavender, black pepper, peppermint, geranium and orange essential oils. You can add to grape seed oil before applying to muscles that are naturally susceptible to exhaustion and soreness during exercise. The oil should be rubbed gently and the muscles stretched before starting the exercises so you remain protected from workout pains that are common with intense exercises.

When you apply the lotions, sprays or oils, you should let them soak into the skin before you begin your exercises so you do not sweat them out too early in the workout session. Grape seed makes good oil for the workout blends because it rarely is an allergen compared to other oils like coconut, walnut and almond which can affect those with food and nut allergies.

Aromatherapy can be very beneficial at any stage of a workout, but you should ensure that you get the best oils and use them appropriately to get the desired effects.

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Homemade Room Deodorizer With Essential Oils

A room spray does not only get rid of unpleasant odors around your home or office, but it can also leave your space more relaxing and comfortable. There are so many plug-in room deodorizers as well as candles which are what most people use to keep their spaces smelling great and pleasant. But unfortunately most of them are too strong and may not have very pleasant smells. You might waste lots of money as you try to find a deodorizer that works for your scent buds.

If you are looking for a room spray that you will definitely love, then making your own using the most pleasant essential oils may be all you need to do. It is not even hard to make the deodorizer as long as you have the essential oils, come alcohol and water. You can then spritz your spray to keep your kitchen, laundry room, bathroom and even sitting area smelling great. You can also use in your closets to keep off that unpleasant smell that is all so common especially with piled closets. Some of the best essential oils that you can use for the homemade deodorizer are cinnamon, lemon, lavender, peppermint, rose, bergamot and rosemary among others. You can use the different blends to match your mood or time of day and your personal preferences.

Essential oils blends you can try

If what you are trying to achieve is a relaxing bedroom, try combining vanilla with lavender. The blend will manage to shift brain to sleeping mode and offer you relaxed quality sleep.

To energize your kitchen and keep it smelling fresh, try combining sweet orange essential oil with lemon or grapefruit essential oils. The combination maintains alertness and energize you as you work around the kitchen.

For office, try rosemary essential oil and peppermint so that you are able to remain focused and on the tasks before you.

For your bathroom use, a room spray made of cinnamon essential oil, tea tree and clove essential oils is best. The blend will not only keep odors out, but it also acts as a natural antibacterial solution for the sensitive area of your home.


Place a tablespoon of alcohol/vodka in a spray bottle. The vodka is an important ingredient in the spray because it makes it possible for the oil and water to mix. It also keeps the scents lingering in the air for longer.

Add 10 drops of each essential oil you have selected to use for your air deodorizer and shake well. If you are looking for stronger scents, you can alter the drops accordingly to make your preferred spray.

Add 6 tablespoons of filtered water and again shake well to completely blend all ingredients.

Before using the spray, shake well so that all essential oils are evenly distributed. Then spritz the deodorizer around your space as you prefer.

You can use the homemade room spray as regularly as you feel necessary at home or at the office, but make sure you spray just enough to keep the air pleasant and breathable too.


Purely was started by a group of successful professionals with a simple mission: “Make a positive difference in the lives of our customers and advisors as well as those we come into contact with”.  Purely sells essential oil/ healthy living products through a party plan/direct sales channel.

2 Things To Boost Your Health

 Healthy living is very important, especially in the modern world where diseases and illnesses seem to surround us. Plenty of modern conveniences and lifestyle changes have contributed to poor health that is to blame for the endless suffering a large number of people go through today as far as health is concerned. If you want to improve your health, there are key elements that you should think about for your approach to better living.

1. Diet

Your body is a result of what you eat. If you want to know how good your eating habits are, then you should take a good look at your body and interpret what you see. The skin is one of the best organs you can use to know how healthy you are. Diet is very important for good health and to make improvements, you should be cautious about everything that goes into your mouth. It is important to keep off processed foods, sugary foods and fatty foods as well. A healthy meal should be balanced in that it has protein, vitamins and carbohydrates. The way you prepare your food can also determine how healthy it is. Avoid using excessive cooking fat and choose low cholesterol cooking fat. You should also avoid using synthetic flavorings in your food and instead choose natural spices that are beneficial to health.

Still under diet, ensure you drink enough water every day to keep the body well hydrated for better organ functioning. A simple change to healthier meals can go a long way in improving your health in general. There are also health products that you can use to supplement vitamins and other nutrients and minerals. When selecting health products, choose those that have natural ingredients because they do not have any side effects and they offer other benefits to your body.

2. Exercise

Eating healthy is important, but it is more beneficial when combined with exercises. There is no better way of putting the food you eat to better use than through exercises. They improve your bodily functions such as blood circulation, metabolism, and improve cardiovascular health. When you exercise, you also manage to prevent fat storage that leads to weight gain and you are able to flush out toxins that can lead to diseases and faster aging. The health benefits of exercising are numerous making it important to come up with an exercise regime.

The good thing about exercising for better health is that you do not have to go to the gym and lift weights to enjoy the results. Even though this is still a good way of keeping healthy and fit, simple exercise you can do from home can also make huge improvements in your life. They can be anything from jumping rope, sit ups, press ups and others. Activities such as swimming, dancing, walking and jogging among others also make fun exercises that can improve your health and life in general. For better results, come up with an exercise program you can keep up with and make the exercise fun by mixing them up and changing on a regular basis to keep boredom at bay.

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Small Changes You Can Make To Live A Natural Healthy Life

Healthy living and natural products work together, but unfortunately, many product manufacturers hide behind the world natural to get customers. This makes it very important for you to be careful with the products you choose because not everything out there is going to help you live the healthy life that you want. Here are a few tips and changes you can make in the different areas of life so you can live a natural healthy life.

Health care

When it comes to health care, remember that gentle products and real food are what you ought to be looking for. When you eat right and remain active then you will reduce those trips to the doctor. But even when the need to get help with your health arises:

  • Explore the natural remedies you have for pain management
  • Try lifestyles change recommendations before settling for medication
  • Ask all necessary questions and reassess the prescribed medications, paying attention to the ingredients


You are what you eat and the fact is that not every food out there is going to nourish the body in a healthy way. Think about building a diet that is as natural and healthy as possible to enjoy good results with your health.  To be sure of the nutrients that you are feeding your body to, you can:

  • Shop from grocery stores offering fresh foods and avoiding the ready food section
  • Grow a kitchen garden where you can get some supply of food you need
  • Check ingredients on packaged food and keeping off any product with high fructose
  • Purchase organic vegetables and fruits and find a source you can trust for healthy fresh eggs
  • Keep off fast foods


The gym membership excuse should not be the reason why you allow yourself to become unfit. You do not even need to take your body through intense daily workouts to see good results with fitness. There are simple, fun ways of keeping your health in check through fitness and this includes:

  • Going for a scenery walk around the block
  • Playing a favorite game with family or a friend
  • Riding your bicycle to visit a friend, explore the city or run a few errands
  • Playing outdoor games with your kids
  • Stretching and taking the dog for a walk


This is a very important part of life because germs tend to be everywhere. Even though you do not have to stress yourself trying to keep everything in your home sterile, there is always a way of ensuring that your home remains clean and safe from harmful accidents and chemicals by using cleaning products that are natural.

  • Disinfect your sinks and countertops using vinegar and baking soda
  • Keep off bleach and instead use vinegar, oxygen whitener, cream of tartar, baking soda and hydrogen peroxide to whiten and disinfect the relevant things around the home.
  • If you must purchase cleaning products, then find those with natural safe ingredients

The natural products approach should extend even to your personal care.

Natural products are readily available only that not many people consider them first. Try and make the small changes in every area of life and you will manage to live a life that is healthy.


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At Purely our mission is simple: to introduce the best essential oils to the world in a way that is accessible and easy-to-use. Discover the Purely difference and join us in changing the world.

5 Reasons Why You Should Have An Essential Oil Diffuser In Your Home

Natural living is all about using natural methods to boost good health and essential oils make some of the best natural products you can choose to improve health, sleep better and increase energy levels. An essential oil diffuser makes one of the best additions to your home because it ensures that you keep enjoying the health benefits of the oil that you choose to diffuse around your home. Aromatherapy is quite beneficial and below are some reasons why you should consider having a diffuser for your home.

  1. You will manage to relax and sleep better

This is one of the great benefits of essential oils. They are soothing and you will love getting into your home after a long, busy day to the relaxing aromas. You can place the diffuser on your bedside table to enjoy better sleep or even at the office to help you work in a relaxed state. The best oils for this are lavender, sage, clary and chamomile.

  1. Enjoy mood elevation

The feelings of sadness and depression can be overwhelming, but when you know the secret powerful oils that can help you de-stress, then you can work your way over mood swings. A diffuser loaded with oils such as sandalwood, jasmine, sweet orange, rose, vanilla and even scotch pine can work amazingly in lifting your moods and setting a positive atmosphere even in social gatherings or business meetings. You can also use the same to create the perfect romantic atmosphere or to kick start a slow morning.

  1. Fight infections

Most essential oils tend to have anti-microbial properties and when they are released into the air, they get into contact with airborne pathogens before they invade your body. They are also good immune booster with the best oils to ward off infections being grapefruit, thyme, lemon, rosemary, tea tree and sage. Some of the diffusers act as humidifiers thus ensuring that your airways remain healthy and moist thus you become less susceptible to microbes that find their way into the body. You can place the diffuser at home to keep flus and colds and other infections at bay.

  1. Cognitive function improvement

When you have an essential oil diffuser at home, you will manage to charge brain cells effectively and fast. The essential oils of lemon, peppermint, pine and eucalyptus will soothe you when you are stressed and elevate your energy levels on sluggish lazy days. When your moods are high, then you will manage to remain focused throughout the day. With the regular diffusion, you will also manage to keep hormones in balance. Generally, issues that hamper the cognitive function will be healed by the oils.

  1. You will keep insects off your home

The best oils for this include cedarwood, lemongrass, clove and rosemary and they will keep houseflies, moths, mosquitoes and fruit flies off your home. A diffuser makes a good deterrent because you do not have to keep spraying on constantly every time you have an insect invasion.


There are so many ways to benefit from essential oils and a diffuser can help you maintain that enjoyable healthy atmosphere around your home or even office.


Homemade Eye Firming Gel To Reduce Puffiness

Puffy eyes can result from a number of things, but the fact is that they are not always as attractive. Puffed eyes indicate lack of sleep, but they could also be interpreted to mean that the individual is stressed out or overslept. When you wake up with puffy eyes, there are a number of remedies you can try out to enjoy a quick fix like placing ice cubes under the eyes for a few minutes to constrict blood vessels.

Another good approach to firm up those eyes to save you from the puffy, tired and old look is to use a homemade eye firming gel. Essential oils work great improving the appearance of the eyes and the face in general and when you mix them up with the relevant ingredients, you will be able to create an effective firming gel you can apply every time the need arises.

The ingredients

Aloe Vera – It has anti-inflammatory properties, which work in reducing skin inflammation. It is also a growth hormone that will stimulate new cell growth. This ingredient also has beta carotene, antioxidants and Vitamins E and C to improve natural firmness of the skin and also keep it hydrated. Using this ingredient gives the gel ability to retain elasticity and will therefore minimize puffiness and appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

Caffeine – It is a diuretic and will hydrate the fatty cells clearing the water from the skin surface. This ingredient is also a vasodilator that tightens the skin and it is also full of antioxidants and it reduces redness of the eyes as well as the dark circles that form under the eyes.

Witch hazel – It balances pH of the skin and is therefore commonly used as a toner. It is also an astringent that tones and tightens the skin, making it a good ingredient for the eye firming gel.

Cypress essential oil – The tightening abilities of this essential oil are what makes it the best choice for the gel. It helps broken capillaries, aids circulation and soothing to delicate skin.


Mix 1.5 tablespoons of aloe Vera gel and 1 tablespoon of strongly brewed coffee, then add a tablespoon of witch hazel. After mixing thoroughly, add 2 drops of cypress essential oil and stir to mix until you have a consistent paste. Pour it out into 1 ounce bottles and cover.

Use directions

Apply the gel in the morning by dabbing it on using your fingertips. You can also use a cotton ball gently round the eyes.

Ensure your face is clean before applying the firming gel and avoid moisturizing over applied areas. You can, however apply your normal makeup after the gem is well-soaked in.

Since the coffee used in the gel as caffeine goes bad fast, even though it is great for firming up and de-puffing, make small batches of the gel so you can use while still fresh and effective. It would be a good idea to be keen with smell and appearance


Purely was started by a group of successful professionals with a simple mission: “Make a positive difference in the lives of our customers and advisors as well as those we come into contact with”.  Purely sells essential oil/ healthy living products through a party plan/direct sales channel.

6 Tips To Quit Smoking For Better Health

Tips To Quit Smoking For Better Health

The negative effects of smoking on your health might be motivation enough for you to want to quit. However, truth be told it is not always that easy to get over the urge. Smoking is addictive and just like any other addiction, you must find a way around it and be strong enough to make the sacrifice to be successful. When you start with a workable plan, you stand to be successful in quitting the risky habit. Small changes and tiny steps are what will lead you to the finish line when you are no longer reliant on the nicotine.

  1. Write a list of your reasons to quit. It could be that you have found out that your health is deteriorating from all the smoking or you have lost important relationships or simply the possible side effects of smoking are freaking you out. Whatever your reasons for quitting, list them down honestly. This list should come in handy the next time you feel like lighting up.
  2. Think positively. Even if you might have witnessed a few failed attempts by friends or you have tried to quit before and failed, do not let this dampen your spirits. Remember that quitting smoking is actually possible and you can do it. Think about how beneficial quitting will be to your health and let the life after smoking, motivate you to maintain positivity throughout.
  3. Create a start plan. It is best that you set a date when you wish to start with your efforts to quit smoking. Once this date is set, stick to it until you are able to get over the cravings. It is not advisable to start smoking fewer cigarettes, instead, plunge right in and stop any type of smoking.
  4. Get ready to experience a few symptoms from the withdrawal. Headaches, anxiety, irritability and nausea are some of the expected symptoms when you stop smoking abruptly. They result from lack of nicotine that you have become used to but they should ease after a few weeks so being clean. You might also get a smokers cough; it can tempt you to go back to smoking but resist this temptation every possible way because the cough will ease gradually.
  5. Get rid of cigarettes still in your possession, ashtrays and lighters. The harder it is for you to see and access these items the more successful your quitting efforts will be. In their place, stock up your home with foods like cheese, vegetables and fruits that make cigarettes taste bad. When thinking drinks, think juice and water instead of alcohol, tea, cola and coffee, which only make the cigarettes taste better.
  6. Get support. Nothing can be better than letting the people around you know that you have made up your mind to stop smoking. You can also get some of your smoking friends to quit together with you. It is so much easier to keep going when you have this kind of support.

When you choose to quit smoking, you are on the right path to healthier living. Get all the tools you can find to assist you be a success in your quitting.

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Purely was started by a group of successful professionals with a simple mission: “Make a positive difference in the lives of our customers and consultants as well as those we come into contact with”.  Purely sells essential oil/ healthy living products through a party plan/direct sales channel.

3 Beneficial Essential Oils To Add To Your Workout Routine

Workouts are very important in promoting health and fitness. There are so many reasons as to why people choose to adopt workout programs, but whatever the reason, it is clear that you will be boosting your health and wellbeing when you combine a good workout and a healthy diet. A good plan should not only concentrate on the workout session, but should also cover what is important to do before and after the workout.

Recovery is what you should think about in your post workout plan, especially after an intense session that leaves your muscles drained. You really want to relax, keep inflammation at bay and also detoxify in the best way possible to reap the results of your workout. When you add some essential oils into your post workout plan, you are bound to see better results and there are a few oils that have proven to be particularly beneficial when added to the post workout plan.

Lemon essential oil

It is one of the best when it comes to boosting your energy levels after a workout and also to combat the exhaustion that comes with the workout session. It also helps in stimulating fat loss and immune system and also makes great exercise detox oil. If you feel you did not achieve your desired results from the workout session you just had, you can use lemon essential oil to maintain a positive attitude and bounce back so you can achieve your personal goals next time you work out.

Peppermint essential oil

This oil is not just good for post workout, but also for your pre workout program. When used before a workout, it reduces effort perception so that you are able to work harder and keep your energy levels high to achieve improved performance and results for that matter. As a post workout remedy, peppermint relieves tight and aching muscles and also boosts mental clarity. For any bruises that you get from the exercises, the oil can soothe them away so you can relax better and recover faster.

Eucalyptus essential oil

The anti-inflammatory properties of this oil is what makes it a great oil for the post recovery plan. Muscle strain as well as micro tears are common during exercises and the oil offers the much needed relief and reduces the inflammation that comes with the tears. A few drops can be massaged to the aching muscles after the session in a gentle motion that sweeps towards the heart so that lactic acid buildup can be removed.

Essential oils can naturally boost recovery speed and boost performance when used correctly. Most products in the market have the essential oils as ingredients and it helps to read through and follow any guidelines offered. When using the oils topically and in their pure form, you should always consider diluting them using the most suitable carrier oils. There are so many benefits of using essential oils as long as you choose the best oils and use them accordingly.

To get the best results with essential oils, make sure that you purchase them from sources you can trust for quality. You should also store them in the right way to maintain their quality and effectiveness.

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Purely was started by a group of successful professionals with a simple mission: “Make a positive difference in the lives of our customers and consultants as well as those we come into contact with”.  Purely sells essential oil/ healthy living products through a party plan/direct sales channel.

How Alcohol Ruins Your Health And Life

Drinking can be lots of fun, especially when you are enjoying with friends, but come morning and you will be all alone feeling the not so pleasant effects of heavy drinking. Besides the pounding headaches that make your hangover, when you become too attached to alcohol you end up suffering negatively professionally, financially, socially and physically. Your health also remains at risk and you should consider taking steps towards quitting. Heavy drinking sabotages your life when you let it control you.

It puts your job at risk. Lateness is among the things that bosses hate the most and you are likely to always report late at work when you are a heavy drinker. Besides getting there late, you are less likely to get anything done, especially when you have a hangover. Your boss may not tolerate this for long and you might just end up losing your job.

It increases chances of smoking cigarette. This is because booze enhances nicotine rewarding effects and you might find that you want to smoke and actually smoke when you drink. You can actually become a smoker from your heavy drinking habits and the two combined will wreak havoc in your life.

Healthy eating benefits are eradicated from your life. Alcohol is among the causes of nutritional deficiencies because it makes it harder for essential nutrients to be absorbed. This means that even when you are careful with what you eat, heavy drinking renders it useless and you can suffer nervous system issues and anemia. It is for this reason that most heavy drinkers don’t appear healthy at all.

Heavy drinking interferes with the brain. Long term drinking actually shrinks the brain cells and leaves you with less coordination even when you are sober. It affects learning, memory, mood and sleep and even though the damage can be reversed with abstinence it can only be partial. The sooner you can stop the habit the better it is for your health.

Alcohol is destructive to the liver. A drink once in a while, maybe to celebrate an achievement or an event can’t hurt, but when you are a heavy drinker, then you overwork the liver and expose it to damages. This is because this is the organ that breaks down the alcohol and when toxic byproducts are created, then the ability to function is interfered with. Bleeding, excessive scar tissue and fat buildup are some of the results that you get. The liver eventually stops filtering toxins from the blood and the effects are never good.

It puts you at high blood pressure risk. This is because it triggers the stress hormone release and the hormones stiffen and contract blood vessels boosting blood pressure in the process. When you do not get proper treatment, then you can end up damaging your heart and arteries and other organs.

Heavy drinking ruins your smile. Alcohol leaves you susceptible to cavities, gingivitis, tooth loss and oral cancers, mostly because of poor nutrition and compromised immunity and oral hygiene. Alcoholics find it very hard to maintain good breath and this can affect their social lives.

Healthy living calls for necessary changes, especially as far as bad habits go. Giving up such habits and adopting healthier ones will help you bounce back to better health and a more fulfilling life for that matter.

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Top 6 Things You Should Do To Achieve Healthier Living

Maintaining good health is the key to longevity and the key to keeping suffering at bay. Bad lifestyle habits have led many people to diseases and health problems, some of which can be fatal. A few changes in the way you live your life can bring plenty of positive changes to your life and achieve healthier better living. Below are some of the changes or things you can do to start living a healthier life.

1.  Know your health status

A medical checkup is an important start because this way you can have any existing health issues taken care of and have other potential risks minimized and kept at bay. It will become easier for you to make improvements when you already know the current health condition.

2.  Keep your weight at healthy levels

Your height and age can be used to calculate the right weight range for you. A BMI calculator is usually used to make the calculations so that you know what your ideal weight should be. Important to remember is that being overweight leads to serious health problems, including heart disease and type 2 diabetes among others. In case you find that you are overweight, find a weight loss program that is suitable enough so you can shed the extra pounds to your ideal weight. Then you should adopt good eating habits to maintain the ideal weight for improved health.

3.  Cut your alcohol intake or abstain completely

Excessive drinking deteriorates life and can actually put you at risk of stroke and other health risks such as liver complications, heart attacks and even cancers. It is important to minimize your intakes and seek professional help if you feel addicted to alcohol

4.  Exercise on a regular basis

Most people think that exercises are only for those who want to lose weight. However, regular exercises are very important in promoting good health. When you remain active, you reduce risks of chronic diseases and enjoy the added benefits of a toned fit physique. There are so many exercises you can easily do without even having to go to the gym. Activities such as jogging, brisk walking, running and swimming also make very good exercises. Find what excites you most and create an exercise regime you can stick to.

5. Cut your fat and salt intakes

Too much salt and fat in your diet has been found to be a contributing factor to chronic illnesses such as diabetes, joint problems, heart disease and obesity as well as high blood pressure and others. When you reduce your intakes to healthy levels, you will greatly reduce your risks of such diseases. Choose cooking fat that is low in cholesterol or has no cholesterol at all and avoid eating uncooked salt.

6.  Eat more fruits and vegetables

They are rich in minerals and nutrients that are important in promoting good health. The secret is to take well balanced meals with a large portion being made up of vegetables. You can then snack on healthy fruits throughout the day compared to processed snacks.

To improve your health, you can also choose high quality natural supplements that are rich in vitamins.

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At Purely our mission is simple: to introduce the best essential oils to the world in a way that is accessible and easy-to-use. Discover the Purely difference and join us in changing the world.