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Essential Oils That Can Help You Reduce Weight

Essential oils are widely used in aromatherapy to help varying conditions. The oils can be used for bathing, inhalation, massage, heat evaporation, spraying and in compresses for the desired results to be achieved. Some of these oils can be great in helping you lose weight but they should be used with caution and as directed for the best results to be got in the end.

Peppermint oil

It is one of the best when it comes to reducing weight because it helps in keeping the satiety feeling for longer. The smell of the essential oil affects the brain part that deals with feeling full and you can inhale it before you eat your meals to suppress appetite or to minimize the chances of overeating.

Bergamot oil

This essential oil does not really curb appetite directly, but is has soothing effects on your mind and this can be great in relieving stress which is a main cause of unhealthy eating or overeating. It can be combined with lavender essential oil to achieve calming effects that keep eating when you are not hungry minimal.

Tangerine oil

This citrus based essential oil is believed to be another great option for those looking to cut weight. It works by regulating metabolism and reducing anxiety. When metabolism is regulated and improved, food is absorbed well and fat burning is boosted hence resulting in healthy weight loss. It is oil that can be used to tone the skin, thus diminishing cellulite appearance very common in overweight people. Scars and stretch marks can also be improved using the essential oil. Tangerine essential oil can be combined with lavender or bergamot for better weight reduction results.

Rose geranium oil

This essential oil is powerful in eliminating fluid retention in the body and balancing out hormones, which are all factors contributing to weight gain. It also has properties that can help diminish cellulite and lift moods. Another property that makes rose geranium oil helpful in weight reduction is being a toxin flusher. When the body has an easy time flushing out toxins, then the weight reduction process is made more effective and you will remain healthier too. It is recognized as a safe essential oil and it is largely used as skin care agent, anti-parasite and anti-fungal.

Grapefruit oil

This oil is also amongst the best when it comes to aiding weight loss. This is because it has diuretic and digestive properties that help in dissolving fats and relieving fluid retention. The oil is gently massaged onto the fatty areas of the body to reduce cellulite as well. When using this oil, you stand the chance of enjoying added benefits such as feeling more energized, happier and less hungry which means less eating and this is good for your weight loss program.

Even though you can use essential oils to aid weight loss, you should also make sure that you combine the oils with healthy diets and valuable exercises to get better results with your weight loss program.

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