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Homemade Antibacterial Soap Using Essential Oils

Hand washing has proved one of the simplest but greatest activities in improving health. This activity improves modern medicine too, because it reduces the chances of transferring germs from one person to another or one surface to another. For this reason, hand sanitizers and antibacterial soaps have been developed to offer the necessary germ protection. Sterilizing hands are necessary whatever your industry or area of business; it is an activity that is productive and should be embraced.

However, over cleansing the hands of using harsh sanitizers and soaps leaves them dry and rough. The chemicals used in the modern antibacterial soaps are effective in killing the germs but they unfortunately end up stripping your skin off beneficial bacteria and moisture too. It makes it important to carefully select the soap to use with one with more natural ingredients being the best for your antibacterial and germ protection needs. If you still find it hard to trust any soap for your sanitization needs, then you can make an effective and reliable soap using essential oils and other ingredients.

What essential oils are best for the soap?

Most essential oils are high in antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and antimicrobial properties, making them good enough to make a soap that you can rely on. For this homemade antibacterial soap, tea tree, citrus and peppermint are some of the best essential oils you can use. The essential oils are great at killing germs and they are also calming, soothing and moisturizing to the hands. Using the soap you will be sure to strip off the bad bacteria, but at the same time manage to maintain a healthy environment on your skin.

Other ingredients that you will need or this home recipe are water and castile soap that makes the base for your homemade antibacterial soap. Have a glass dispenser ready so you can pour out the soap once you are done with the making.


The good thing about this soap recipe is that it does not require a long process to get done. You simply add the ingredients together and you have a soap ready. Mix ¼ part castile soap, ¾ parts of water, 5 drops of peppermint essential oil, 5 of citrus and 5 of tea tree essential oil or any other essential oil you prefer. Pour the ingredients in a glass dispenser and thoroughly mix before you can start using the soap as you wish. It is of course liquid hand soap which is why you need the dispenser.

Additional tips

  • Essential oils can be quite potent, so make sure you select the best for your skin type. Dilute the oils before applying to the skin and reduce the amount if you do not want a very strong soap or home product.
  • Store the antibacterial soap in a sterile glass container and consider making small batches that you can use before the soap goes bad.
  • Blend essential oils that have similar or complementary benefits to enjoy the best results with your homemade product.



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