Homemade Stretch Mark Scrub Using Essential Oils, Shea Butter And Raw Sugar

Stretch marks are some of the most common skin issues women face. They appear as a result of different elements and aspects, but the truth is that the natural skin structure of women predisposes them to developing the stretch marks. Because of the areas they appear on, it can sometimes be hard for women to enjoy wearing their favorite outfits and some would go to any extent to get rid of them. At some point they can be itchy but they are generally painless.

Apart from homemade essential oil serums that you can use to reduce the appearance of stretch marks, scrubs can also work great in improving their appearance and feeling. You of course might need to use the scrub for several weeks to start seeing good results, but the ingredients really do work great in improving the skin and the stretch marks in general.

Scrub ingredients

Essential oils – The essential oils of lavender and lemon are the best to use in this homemade scrub. This is because they both have tons of skin restoring properties and antioxidants that help minimize stretch marks. Lemon is particularly good in brightening dull looking skin and it therefore works great in evening out the affected areas.

Organic raw cane sugar – The sugar works on the stretch marks by exfoliating the skin and promoting circulation, thus improving the appearance of the stretch marks.

Shea butter and vitamin E – Shea butter is soothing to the skin and it also has healing properties that put it a very good spot in the scrub. Vitamin E on the other hand is moisturizing to the skin and benefits the skin other ways, including tightening it hence improving the stretch marks.

Coconut oil – It is nourishing to the skin and comes with other benefits to the skin.


Mix ½ cup organic raw cane sugar, ¼ of coconut oil, 1 tablespoon of Shea butter and ½ teaspoon of Vitamin E oil in a small bowl and blend thoroughly. If you want to get a smoother scrub, then it is okay to place the contents on low heat pan and stir smoothly.

Add 5 drops of lavender essential oil and 3 drops of lemon essential oil and blend well. You can then pour out the scrub into a glass jar or a container you can tightly close.

Use directions

Stretch marks are common in pregnant women. If you are pregnant, ensure that you speak to your doctor first before using this essential oil scrub. The same should be done by nursing mothers.

Rub the scrub onto affected areas twice or thrice every week. It is best to apply after taking a shower when the skin is fresh and soft, so the scrub can work deep. Allow the scrub to stay on before washing off.

It may take a few weeks to start seeing any considerable results, but you will love what the homemade stretch mark scrub will do for your skin.



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