Homemade Stretch Mark Serum Using Essential Oils

Stretch marks are a common occurrence in women because of the way their skin is structured. Pregnancy seems to increase the chances of developing the stretch marks, but you can develop them even when you are not pregnant because of factors such as genes and changing body weight. The worst thing about the stretch marks is that they can occur in different parts of the body, including the thighs, underarm, breasts, and butt and even around the stomach.

Using essential oils, you can make a reliable stretch mark serum that can help improve the appearance and feel of the stretch marks so you can boost your confidence levels. The serum can be used during pregnancy too, because the ingredients are safe enough. It might take a while for you to see any positive changes but keeping up with the use of the homemade serum can fetch you impressive results with the stretch marks.

The best ingredients for the homemade serum

Rosehip seed oil – It is highly effective because it heals and lightens scars and stretch marks.  It is a great carrier oil and it moisturizes the skin too. This oil also has trans-retinoic acids and unsaturated fatty acids making it great for firming the skin, reducing stretch marks and keeping the skin hydrated.

Jojoba oil – It mimics collagen and its molecular structure is quite similar to sebum. It has an abundance of minerals and vitamins and easily absorbs into the skin. This oil will protect and balance out your skin, improving stretch marks in the process.

Neroli essential oil – It is a cicatrisant and this simply means that it contains anti-scarring properties that will work amazingly well in reducing stretch marks and scar appearance. This essential oil also promotes circulation, thus encouraging cell regeneration.

 Myrrh and Lavender essential oil – both essential oils have calming and healing properties that will work on the stretch marks. They also nourish cracked and broken skin, hence offering overall benefits to your skin.

Lemon essential oil – It has lightening properties that help in fading the stretch marks and scars.

Vitamin E – It is not only a great ingredient to get rid of the stretch marks, but also very effective in preventing their formation when used in time. It has properties that encourage skin elasticity and also has anti-aging and regenerative abilities. This is among the very popular ingredients you will find in skin care products.


This homemade essential oil stretch mark serum is very easy to make. Simply mix 2 tbsp. of jojoba oil, 2 of rosehip oil and 2 of vitamin E oil.  Add 10 drops Neroli essential oil, 7 of lavender and 7 of myrrh essential oil and 5 drops of lemon essential oil.

Mix thoroughly all ingredients and pour into a glass container.

Use directions

To use the serum, simply shake well and then apply directly onto the stretch marked areas and onto scars.

You can apply several times if you are pregnant and prone to stretch marks of once if you are not pregnant but wish to improve existing stretch marks.


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