Homemade Varicose Veins Body Butter Using Essential Oils

Varicose veins are large, weak and twisted veins that result from slow flow of blood that causes buildup. The veins can attack any given place of the body, but they are more likely to appear on the legs because they pump blood against heart gravity and there seems to be endless pressure on the legs most of the times. The extra pressure causes the development of the varicose veins, but they can also result from injury, prolonged standing, blood clots, weight gain and lack of exercise that hinders the proper flow of blood.

Prevention is always a better approach and you can keep the veins at bay by taking a few measures like not crossing the legs when you sit because you only exert unwanted pressure to the veins. Elevating the feet occasionally and including anti-inflammatory foods in your diet can also go a long way in preventing the development of the varicose veins. Some of the best foods include broccoli, kale, ginger, turmeric, olive oil and blueberries. But if you already have the spider veins, there is still a solution. A homemade body butter using the best essential oils is very effective; you do not need to go for expensive procedures to get rid of the veins.

The best essential oils for varicose veins

When it comes to promoting blood movement and circulation and strengthening capillary walls to work on the varicose veins, basil, grapefruit, fennel, cypress and lemon essential oils are some of the best you can use in the body butter. Because inflammation is also a culprit in varicose veins, other essential oils that can address it are chamomile, peppermint, eucalyptus, lavender and marjoram. You can use a different combination of the essential oils depending on your preferences, but the listed oils are perfect for the body butter made for varicose veins.

The other ingredients that you will need for this home recipe are Shea butter, coconut oil, jojoba oil and vitamin E liquid. They moisturize condition and soften the skin, leaving you with smooth, supple skin that you will love.


Heat ½ a cup raw, unrefined organic Shea butter and ¼ cup coconut oil in double boiler on medium heat. Melt and stir the two for a few minutes, then remove from heat.

Add ¼ cup jojoba oil and a tablespoon of vitamin E liquid and stir to blend.

Add your selected essential oils. For this recipe, use 10 drops cypress essential oil, 10 drops lemon essential oil, 5 drops helichrysum and 5 drops of fennel essential oil.

Refrigerate the mixture for 2 hours to get a semi-solid cream. Use a hand mixer to soften white peaks for about 10 minutes, then store in glass container.

Directions of use

Massage the body butter on affected areas with motion towards the heart so as to encourage proper flow of blood. You can also apply starting from the ankles and working up your legs or from wrists working up to the shoulders.

Store the body butter in room temperature and refrigerate if it seems to melt during hot weather.

Avoid using at night because the circulation boosting essential oils can disrupt restful sleep.




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