Homemade Wart Remover Using Essential Oils

Warts are small hard benign growths that occur in different parts of the skin and are usually as a result of a virus. The warts usually attack hands, fingers, knees and elbows because these areas are likely to have broken skin or blemishes. They take form when the virus comes into contact with the open skin. The fact however is that some people tend to be more susceptible compared to others. Even though the warts are not always painful unless interfered with, people who have warts tend to look for all ways to get rid of them

A dermatologist can help you get rid of the warts, but it is not always that necessary to have the removal that can be costly. Instead, you can make an effective wart remover using essential oils from the comfort of your home to finally get rid of the warts. The homemade wart remover recipe is easy and safe, so you do not have to worry about any adverse side effects.

The ingredients

Oregano essential oil – This is a natural antibiotic that works on warts by fighting the virus causing them. The oil has thymol and carvacrol that are beneficial antifungal and antibacterial properties making it a truly helpful ingredient in the homemade wart remover.

Frankincense essential oil – It is its natural disinfectant and antiseptic properties that make it a great selection for the wart remover. It also has a sweet aroma that will make the remover just pleasant to use.

Lemon essential oil – This oil has powerful d-limonene that helps in fighting inflammation thanks to the antioxidants that it produces. The oil is also a good choice for the wart remover as it brightens the skin and makes scars and other blemishes less visible.

Apple cider vinegar – This has probiotics and acid that helps the wart fall off quickly.

Coconut oil – This oil diminishes warts because of the antifungal and antimicrobial properties that it has. It also works as the base and carrier oil for the essential oils so they can be beneficial once applied topically.


Take a small dish and add ½ teaspoon of apple cider vinegar, then add 1 drop oregano essential oil, 2 drops of frankincense essential oil and 2 drops of lemon essential oils then blend well.

Next, add ½ tablespoon of coconut oil and mix properly.

If you wish to make a wart remover that will last you more than 2 applications, then you can increase the ingredients appropriately and pour out the remover in a clean container for your use.

Directions of use

Start by cleaning the affected area gently, then soak a cotton ball lightly into the mixture. Squeeze out excess remover from the ball to avoid dripping and place it onto the wart then cover the wart with a large bandage. A large bandage is necessary so that it covers most of the cotton ball to keep it securely in place and to ensure it remains clean.

Wear the cotton ball for as long as you can take and try to apply a fresh one in the morning and at night till the wart falls off or diminishes.