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How To Eliminate Body Odor Using Essential Oils

When you have bad body odor, it means that you have bacteria thriving in your body sweat. This is simply because sweat is made of waste products and toxins your body has eliminated from the system. Your diet plays a role in how bad, your body odor is because it can determine the accumulation of the toxins within the body. Hormonal activity is the other factor that plays a role in body odor with imbalances resulting in abnormal activity of the sweat glands causing more sweating and bacterial formation exposure thus body odor.

To eliminate bad body odor, you must take certain measures and among these is making lifestyle changes, bathing constantly to get rid of the bacteria and choosing the best fabrics and clothing. You should also consider making dietary changes, avoid caffeine and tobacco, some medication and also find ways of controlling perspiration rates. Using essential oils is one of the natural ways of eliminating the body odor to leave you smelling fresh and clean. The oils have properties that fight body odor causes and you can combine them for higher efficacy. But which essential oils can help you keep those embarrassing moments minimal?

Parsley – The chlorophyll has a deodorizing effect that neutralizes body odor, thus ensuring that you smell good and fresh.

Witch hazel – The essential oil of witch hazel can also be very helpful in fighting bad body odor. It is actually a recognized effective natural deodorant alternative and so it helps to keep it handy if you are among those who suffer from the body odor.

Radish – The oil makes a great foot deodorant, but it is also very effective when used underarm.

Rosemary – This oil has antibacterial properties that help in fighting bacteria buildup leading to the body odor. It will not only keep you feeling fresh, but will also uplift your moods.

Sage – The essential oils works by reducing sweat gland activity which remains to be a major cause of body odor.

Tea tree – It has antibacterial properties making just as effective as rosemary as a natural deodorant that is effective in fighting the body odor. Other fragrant oils that you should consider using are cypress, patchouli, ylang ylang, lavender and grapefruit.

Making the natural deodorants

Now that you know the best essential oils for body odor, next is to make your homemade deodorant to start enjoying the benefits of the essential oils. A few steps will help you make a natural deodorant at home easily.

  • Take two of your favorite oils and combine them, then mix in grapefruit seed extracts. This combination is great in fighting bacterial that lead to body odor formation.
  • Let the ingredients fully incorporate and then pour out the solution in separate container and spray bottle.
  • You can then shake well and spray under your arms on a regular basis until your body odor problem is no more.
  • Lavender and witch hazel make a great combination so you can start with the oils, but you can also test the rest of the oils until you finally find one that you love most.

When used right essential oils can prove very beneficial even in fighting body odor. Choose between soft floral scents, light herbal and fresh citrus scents depending on your individual preferences.

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